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    Wtb: 30mm Low or Medium Pic Rings

    Looking for seekins, NF, or other reputable brand aluminum 30mm picitanny rings in low or medium. PM me what you have.
  2. J

    WTB: SWFA SS 5-20 HD

    Pm me with what you have.
  3. J

    WTB: .338 Rem Varmint Contour Blank

    Looking for a cut rifled barrel Blank .338. Needs to be 1-9.5" Twist or faster. Looking for a R.E.M. Varmint contour or sendero Contour. Pm me with what you have.
  4. J

    AI 10 Round .308 Mag

    Has some spray paint on it that has worn off. Mag feeds like butter. 68 TYD
  5. J

    Stiller Tac 338 LH

    Brand new. LH Stiller tac 338 repeater. Includes 20 MOA rail, pinned recoil lug. 1000 To your FFL from a non ffl.
  6. J

    LRI Chambered 6BRX Barrel

    I have a 6BRX Barrel with 1000 Match rounds on it and 600 fireform rounds on it it. Chambered for a defiance Deviant. Threaded 5/8-24. Mtu Contour. 25" long. I believe it's a hawk hill barrel. I'll check on that. I'll throw in a fire form only Barrel with it. 150 plus shipping
  7. J

    LRI 6 Competition Match FL Bushing Die

    I have a LRI 6mm Competition Match FL Bushing Die I would like to sell. 125 TYD These are 174.99 new from LRI.
  8. J

    XLR Element LH S/A

    I have a nice custom Cerakoted XLR Element chassis for a LH R.E.M. 700 SA or clone. It's been Bedded to a Defiance Deviant. Comes with a super nice leather barricade guard that velcros on. 525 + Shipping Can include a 10round AI magazine for extra cash.
  9. J

    WTS: New LRI Chambered 6mm Comp Match for Defiance Deviant

    New K&P Cut Rifled Barrel (LRI's preferred brand) Chambered in 6mm Comp Match MTU Contour Chambered for a Defiance Deviant 25" Length Muzzle Threaded 5/8x24 500 + Shipping I have 100 pieces of new fire formed 6mm Comp Match brass (Norma 243) and a LRI 6mm Comp Match full length...
  10. J

    WTB Proof Research .338 Barrel

    Must have 1.25" dia shank. Would prefer the 24 or 26" sendero in a 9.4" twist. PM me with what you have.
  11. J

    Rock Creek .338 Barrel

    5R 9.4 Twist #1 HBR Contour 6 Heavy Straight Flutes 1.250 Diameter for 4 inches the straight Taper to .750 at 26". 29" blank Fluted for a 26" finish length. Stainless steel 425 TYD Can throw in a stainless Harrell's Tactical 4 port 11/16-24 brake for 25 extra. This is only avail for the...
  12. J

    Wtb: LH Jewel with Safety

    Pm me with what you have.
  13. J

    WTB: .338 Barrel Blank

    Pm me with what you have.
  14. J

    Hornady 6.5 GAP 4s Brass (SAUM)

    Hornady 6.5 GAP 4s Brass 3rd Run 120 Pieces total 43 new 21 - 1x fired 56 - 3x fired - trimmed to 2.008 and annealed after the first two firings. Primer pockets still tight on the 3x fired brass (and the 1x). Fed 210s and CCI BR2 were used, no magnum primers. Do not want to separate, I...
  15. J

    380 Hornady 6.5mm 147 ELD-M

    380 of the 6.5mm Hornady 147 ELD-M bullets 85 TYD PayPal or usps mo
  16. J

    Whidden 6.5 SAUM Dies

    Whidden 6.5 SAUM dies: FL Bushing Die Micrometer Seating Die .290 TiN Redding Bushing 170 TYD PayPal or usps mo
  17. J

    WTB: LH McMillan or Manners

    WTB: LH McMillan Or Manners stock for a L/A Rem700 or clone. Pm me with what you have.
  18. J

    6.5MM Sierra 150 Matchkings (370 Count)

    I have 370 6.5mm Sierra Matchking 150gr. All from a 500ct box. 125 Shipped via flat rate box.
  19. J

    LH 6BRX/6mm Comp Match - Defiance/XLR

    Defiance Deviant DLC Coating Bench Mark 6BRX Barrel with 1000 match Rounds on it. (This Barrel is on it) Hawk Hill Spare 6BRX barrel with 1600 rounds (1000 match, 600 fireform) New K & P Cut Rifles 6MM Comp Match barrel All smithed by LRI. All 25" MTU Contour threaded 5/8x24 all 1-7.5"...
  20. J

    LH Beanland 6.5 SAUM - Defiance/Manners

    LH 6.5 SAUM Full Jon Beanland Build .120 Freebore 7.25lbs 200 Round Count Shoots 140 Hybrids, 147 ELD-Ms, 150SMKs into 0.5" 3 shot groups regularly and smaller with select loads. Load Data Avail to Buyer Defiance Rebel Sheep Cut Extra Deep Bolt Fluting Defiance Pinned 20 MOA Rail Wyatts...
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