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  1. Slash0311

    She put what in there ?

    Whats that smell? Oh, just a dead turtle...
  2. Slash0311

    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    Nom nom nom
  3. Slash0311

    9/11 Footage Enhanced Audio and Video (HD)

    Never forget...
  4. Slash0311

    Flinch appears over time?

    Without seeing you shoot, it's very difficult to diagnose many issues. I agree with dry-firing and using dummy rounds. But heres what I'd toss into the mix that i didnt see mentioned. 1. Have someone go to the range with you and have them load your mags. Any random number of live and dummy...
  5. Slash0311

    Any former mortarmen here?

    I got play with them for about a year... I had more fun burning the unused increments. Good times
  6. Slash0311

    Sirhr mentioned python hunting in florida

    Any way to convince "people" that every python has dirt on Hillary Clinton. I figure there won't be a python left by the end of the week. So, does a python commit suicide by crawling into the wood chipper?
  7. Slash0311

    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    A very good friend is going there this weekend for her kid's soccer tournament!!! This will get a laugh or two!!
  8. Slash0311

    Good Pranks

    I had a run of being able to call in to the local radio contest line and win at will. It was enough that other guys in our shop would write their info down. I'd call in and win and give the radio station my coworkers info. One guy was an EXTRRME homophobe. I did the entire call in a gay...
  9. Slash0311

    Fiscal Responsibility in the WH

    Good find!
  10. Slash0311

    Fort Campbell area residents

    PM inbound
  11. Slash0311

    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    So if starws are now illegal in Cali, i assume a misdemeanor. Would that make it a felony to use one to shoot spit wads?
  12. Slash0311


    No spoilers here. I really liked it. I found a "get there faster" attitude creeping in but i know they had to get you invested in the characters. The finale sequence was okay but I wasn't impressed. I'll certainly buy the DVD when it comes out but i liked the first one better.
  13. Slash0311

    Trump in Helsinki: Did He Let Putin Eat His Lunch? Or Was This Just Recon?

    I have no idea if Trump got played. He seems so off-the-wall that we may never know. Trump is obviously an expert negotiator so it could be just part of the image he's showing vs the truth. Plus the media has only "statesmen" and other politicians to compare Trump to and he doesnt exactly fit...
  14. Slash0311

    Favorite restaurant?

    Bobby Vee's Pizza Kauai, Hawaii for away Bone Fish locally
  15. Slash0311

    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    Dog collar, wet wipes, and peanut butter
  16. Slash0311

    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    Sorry brother. I'll go to hell and back for most of you here, but if I find her, im keeping her for myself.
  17. Slash0311

    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 My Google-fu found it here
  18. Slash0311

    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    I was thinking the Jiffy Pop was ready...
  19. Slash0311

    A sad day for all, Chuck Norris hung himself

    Chuck Norris once urinated in the fuel tank of a semi. Optimus Prime was born.
  20. Slash0311

    A sad day for all, Chuck Norris hung himself

    Chuck Norris was in a CPR class and brought his dummy back to life.
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