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    MilDot/MRAD vs MOA in competition & varmints

    Mil Dots and MRAD are the same exact things, Mil Dots are older and no longer used as much' You have multiple options to use in terms of units of Adjustment, MOA - Minute of Angle Mils or MRAD - Milliradians IPHY - Inches per Hundred Yards or Shooter MOA The design of the reticle can...
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    Desert Tech TRASOL Official Thread

    I can use a lot
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    Garmin 701 vs Kestrel 5700 Elite

    Seems pretty good to me, I have used it in several Comps with no issue
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    The Level Questions Asked

    Why are you looking at a Horizon and what does a horizon matter when looking through a scope ? You are doing it wrong, just because people have adapted to being "Incorrect" and doing this often, does not make them Right. Again, people with no training complaining about not understanding how...
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    The Level Questions Asked

    Adjust the legs, I shoot on uneven ground all the time, I travel all over and shoot, I experience all sorts of terrain. I make one leg taller than the other on my bipod to level the rifle
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    APO SABER® M700™ Tactical Rifle

    SABER® M700™ Tactical Rifle - Unparalleled Modularity, Tool-Less Ergonomic Adjustability, Sub-MOA Precision American Made Full Featured Precision Rifle for Aspiring Long Range Shooters & LEO Tactical Teams Ruckersville, VA. - Ashbury Precision Ordnance Mfg (APO) is expanding its best value line...
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    Ruger RPR 338LM

    New shooters with magnums are a recipe for disaster, it never works out well for them. We see a lot of newer shooters buying big magnums like this because they believe bigger is better. It's not... Lots of Savage 338 Axis rifles, tons of 300WMs already from the hunting side. We spoke...
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    Ruger RPR 338LM

    Gonna dread these showing up in classes
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    Garmin 701 vs Kestrel 5700 Elite

    I honestly like the Garmin a tick better, but the Kestrel is a bit more of a one solution unit when you add in the wind. It's an easier sell to point people towards the Kestrel. But I like working with the Garmin a lot. With modern cartridges, rifles, etc, most shooters are "Edge of Plate"...
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    Why so short?

    Cause Guys Over 6Ft are not the only customers Being a bit shorter allows them to use a simple spacer system to increase the Length of Pull, why, because it is much harder to make it shorter when necessary. Why cut why you can simply add plastic
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    Hail the King

    Congrats to Robert for the Bushnell Props Sniper's Hide Connection, Who took the pix ...
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    More truing frustrations

    I would rather see the actual drop vs predicted, I suspect he has an input error and it's not software related as much as operator error We need actual numbers and not just MV, that is secondary, they are pretty much worthless without knowing what the actual DOPE Was.
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    Elite Iron bipods

    Triangle of Stability, in my training we talk about this:
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    The Level Questions Asked

    Here is the video, 139
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    The Level Questions Asked

    I think the Thomas Video is 158, I would have to look it up, he has a lot. I think the biggest issue is, nobody was taught to understand cheek weld and head position and because most lay on top of their rifles they get the body position...
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    Elite Iron bipods

    I have the steel version, I have not seen an issue with the aluminum and may myself go that direction moving forward
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    Tikka T3X TAC A1 Scope Mount Question

    20 MOA Is the best option, you can still have a 100-yard zero and reach 1000 yards, but it will probably just reach and not go much further. it has 29 MILS of adjustment so you can actually use a 40MOA base to get all of it, my guess is 0 MOA will get you 14 Mils off the top of my head.
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    The Level Questions Asked

    Blame the Shooter for trying to incorrectly rely on the gadget. I bet $100 that when you're not paying attention, even a level that is supposed to visible with both eyes open is not being used. I see it all the time, guys will say it's set to watch while shooting but it's not. We cannot focus...
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    The Level Questions Asked

    I honestly see more people with levels not using them correctly or at all, vs using them as needed. I really believe the comment, "Because they look cool" is the right answer to all this. Why buy it, mount it, and not use it right or at all? We see, read and hear a lot of people talk about...
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