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    PACT scale can't make up its mind

    My PACT scale, probably 15 years old by now, won't settle down reliably to read a charge weight. It is coupled to a PACT electronic powder dispenser. Sometimes the dispenser pours an accurate charge, sometimes the scale hunts within a few grains of the final target weight, sometimes it...
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    Any principals of the Silencer Shop on here?

    Silencer Shop Austin, TX Is anyone over here even remotely in charge over there?
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    Crescent Customs builds another tackdriver

    A 10lb 7Rem Mag Titanium action 9.7oz EH-1 lightweight stock 2lbs Bartlein 9.5-8.9 gain twist @ 25" 180VLDs (.735BC) at 3100fps 100m: 300m
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    Replies to "Thank you for your service."

    Someone said it to me the other day, and my newest reply slipped-out without even thinking. I said: "No, thank YOU for breathing air." I guess I am getting sick of yet another cliche that we've adopted to make our collective selves feel better, the modern equivalent of "Have a nice day" with...
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    It's TT time again!

    Welcome to - The official Isle of Man TT website After a stellar NW200.... I am expecting great things from Michael Dunlop, who reminds me of his father in his younger days. And in an unfortunate turn of events: RIP Simon, you will be missed...
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    Issue: 2012 AW base will not accept rings.

    Has anyone else had a similar issue: My 2012 AW, purchased new with a permanently mounted base, accepts NF rings but not Badger rings. Explanation: Both ring types will seat on the base, but the Badgers will not tighten securely to it. The ring base screws reach the stop, and accept torque to...
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    Wilder Tactical: Hand-Rolled Kydex

    Cigar companies often host events which feature a guest master roller who will make a cigar for you while you wait. Josh Vanheusen, the principal of Wilder Tactical, is at Rifles Only this weekend doing the same kind of thing with Kydex holsters. For those of you who are coming to the Bushnell...
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    LBT 6094A or TYR BPC/GPC or PICO?

    Of the following: LBT 6094A TYR BPC/GPC TYR PICO To those of you who have used one for more than a few hours at a time, could I get your opinion/review on which is most comfortable while wearing the plates, and specifically what you did not like about it. Cost is not a factor. Comfort is...
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    Strange primer indent

    Anyone seen this kind of thing before? It's a fired case.
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    You know it's deer season when...

    At the range this morning a guy shows up, unboxes a twelve guage shotgun, clamps it into a Lead Sled, then goes down range and puts a tennis ball in the dirt at 100m. He shoots a few rounds, declares 'that's good enough, I mean, shit, I hit the tennis ball', then boxes up the shotgun and...
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    The dangers of leaving your steel at the range.

    For those of you who leave your steel targets on a public range for other people to use, I submit the following warning in this section on advanced marksmanship: It must be getting close to deer season, because so many people are busy sighting in their rifles for the kind of 'long range'...
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    Site is bogging down

    The Site is running very, very slowly right now. Like the old days....
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    Message: PM Box Full

    I have no PMs in my box, but I keep getting messages that people are trying to PM me and that my PM box is full. This new format continues to be frustrating, with the PM feature being much more difficult to use. And I am still missing 1800 posts, with no way of quickly tracking or accessing...
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    .338BA Brake vs .30BA Brake for 7mm Mags

    Has anyone done any testing, when running a .338BA on a 7mm Magnum, regarding the efficiencies of using a .338 brake vs. the 30 cal brake?
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    Crescent Customs FN Build: That'll do, Moon...

    After shooting a few matches with Ben Voss and trying the FN SPRs at the ASC issue match a few years ago, I decided on doing an FN build. So, when Moon set-up Crescent Customs I sent him the parts: FN SPR action Obermeyer .298 Bore 5R 11-ish twist Fluted MTU at 23" McMillan A3 with Terry Cross...
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    Move over Team Norcal, Assrat and Waffleiron

    Team Poodle-Shooter is coming...
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    Lightweight contour/mfr suggestion

    I am looking for a precision-quality lightweight contour 7-twist carbine length .223 barrel, similar in size and weight to the 7-twist sporter barrels produced by Colt in the 80's for their 16" AR carbines. Would anyone have a suggestion as to manufacturer/contour/stock number?
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    Please Recommend a Full Flap Holster

    I am looking for a quality full flap holster for a Glock 34. Here are the criteria: Nylon construction; the entire pistol must be fully enclosed in the holster when the flap is closed; the flap must remain secure when the holster is dragged along the ground in any direction; the holster must be...
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    Michigan's Marksmanship Training Center

    I just met these guys today. Here are pics from their opening day: Front Gate Pistol Range Toward the UKD range From the firing line
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    Question for SB 5-25 Owners

    Has anyone experienced this: Some of you have been following my recent SB questions regarding some recently acquired SBs. Well, I just got a new SB 5-25, and between 10x and 25x I can't get to a place behind the eyebox where I get a full circle image: When the bottom rim of the image is clear I...
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