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  1. TheGerman

    What is "Fair" these days.

    I have a hard enough time making sure the porn clip I clicked on isn't a fucking tranny. Now this!?!?
  2. TheGerman

    What are you guys using for priming tools?

    The RCBS hand prime that takes the shell holders. And seriously, $600 priming tools? Do you get the air filter at Jiffy Lube, too?
  3. TheGerman

    Anybody believe the saudi reporter was killed in a fight?

    Thing's I don't care about, for $500, Alex.
  4. TheGerman

    Opinions are like pie holes. Del-Ton

    Del Ton is bargain basement. But even a full PSA will cost you around $400 if not more, so if it works (make sure it works) and you want it, get it.
  5. TheGerman

    Odd Question About PVS 14 and "Temporary Artifacts"

    Stop using the full power laser at close range; all it does when using an optic is bloom all over the place, make you see every spec of dust flying around and basically makes you lose your natural nightvision. If you can't see the low power laser at 100 yards, you're fucking blind. There's a...
  6. TheGerman

    I allegedly Told the local postmaster to fuck off

    You do this:
  7. TheGerman

    Ladies and gents, the next POTUS is..

    Sort of want.
  8. TheGerman

    This might be a good case to take to the Supreme Court

    If: My wife had just died. I'm 70+ years old. I have a machine gun. Going to jail over some bureaucrats bullshit is not in my future.
  9. TheGerman

    $2000 budget

    Sell children and/or kidney. Buy once cry once. I'm saving you money in the long run.
  10. TheGerman

    WTB Colt Milspec Lower Parts Kit

    Looking for the milspec (regular sized pin) lower parts kit without FCG
  11. TheGerman

    I fear leftist blood will flow soon

    I dont have a 249 to stare at.
  12. TheGerman

    I allegedly Told the local postmaster to fuck off

    Wait, you live in America and are worried that someone can sue you because you told them to fuck off? EL o EL This isn't fucking Sweden, faggot.
  13. TheGerman

    Getting asked to leave mediation training

    I think the best way is to simply tell her. And make sure you use the word tits.
  14. TheGerman

    LRF Wars. Is it really that bad?

    I have a used SIG KILO 2000 laying around that I used a lot, zero issues other than cosmetic (I actually shoot 5+ times a week and it shows) that I'd sell you for cheap.
  15. TheGerman

    Paypal F&F... is this a scam?

    Tell them you'll pay the fee. If they still refuse its a total scam. If they are a newer seller, well, that may also make me think twice. I usually tell the buyer to either include the 3% to cover the fee or do F&F, but it is their choice on what we do.
  16. TheGerman

    Recoil Management/NPA

    You're not that far off. It'll never be always perfect on recoil. Test to see if your torso is square to the gun by watching where your elbows are when you go to pull the gun into your shoulder and dead weight it forward. Your shoulders/elbows should be square; I used to catch myself cheating...
  17. TheGerman

    Tripod and Head for Terrapin X

    If you're looking for a geared head, I have a Manfrotto 410 laying around.
  18. TheGerman

    Slight POI shift between groups or dot drills

    Good question; the short answer is that I'm not sure. Scope mechanics is probably the easiest way to get me to fall asleep, but I know there are some that could go over mechanics, glass composition, coatings and whatever for hours. I'm actually curious about an actual answer too. Maybe parallax...
  19. TheGerman

    Eurooptic has KAC PVS30 Army Buyback Grade A, $4700.

    I'm curious about one. The cover I have on my PVS30 looks different.
  20. TheGerman

    Eurooptic has KAC PVS30 Army Buyback Grade A, $4700.

    Where did you get this witchcraft from?
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