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  1. hereinaz

    ARC Shouldered BarLoc review

    Thanks for thr info. I guess I am not seeing it. The shouldered barloc comes with the coned "washer". Is he leaving that out? I have three barlocs. And, yes, even without opening the gap per ARC, you can tighten it sufficiently. It is still gonna close and press agsinst the cones to preload...
  2. hereinaz

    ARC Shouldered BarLoc review

    If you have a barloc nut, why are you needing to add any shouldered bit to the stack?
  3. hereinaz

    Recoil Management/NPA

    Yup, get a good brake. HUGE difference.
  4. hereinaz

    Borka Tools TCK Group Buy

    Ordered mine yesterday.
  5. hereinaz

    Garmin 701 vs Kestrel 5700 Elite

    This is what I do. I sold my Kestrel after running the Garmin. And, Kestrel AB really doesn't "solve" the wind problem. I bracket two wind speeds in the Garmin based on my cheap Kestrel reading. I love having it on my wrist in comps. Hunting, having a quick edit function for one shot is great...
  6. hereinaz


    I made a bag cause I wasn't happy with the bags out there. It is light, easy to deploy, soft, made with rubberized material to grip barricades and the rifle. Here is quick video. There are others on my channel.
  7. hereinaz

    Fix It Sticks group buy

    Never mind...
  8. hereinaz

    WTS Green Kestrel 4500 AB + BT $350 shipped

    I'll take it Fred.
  9. hereinaz

    Wtb suppressor cover that ultra 7

    Check out Rauch Precision as well. He did a couple custom covers for me, one with an American flag pattern that looks awesome. Like 40 bucks shipped.
  10. hereinaz

    Nucleus Orders

    I don't think you'll regret it. I have a short action I am running and the long action in magnum like you ordered. Just gotta pull the Proof barrel off my Savage and screw it all together.
  11. hereinaz

    Nucleus defects (renamed thread)

    Thanks, @bohem I would have followed up sooner, but I was on a hunting trip. I don't have a single problem with the way you addressed me. I also don't have a single problem with my Nucleus. My short action runs flawlessly, and my long action is no different, though I don't have a barrel on it...
  12. hereinaz

    Nucleus defects (renamed thread)

    I went back and played with my action. I think it is a cock on close issue, that click goes away if I push the bolt forward. And, when looking at the back end of the bolt inside the shroud, I can see that when closing it, the firing pin looks to be moving back after cocking, indicating that the...
  13. hereinaz

    Nucleus defects (renamed thread)

    A major catch is a different thing. And, your's could be more than mine for sure, tolerances being so tight. Bummer you have two having the problem. I was just trying to put perspective to it for anyone who ordered. Based on the Bix & Andy videos, I am wondering if it isn't a trigger dependent...
  14. hereinaz

    WTB Defiance & Proof

    Contact Evolved Ballistics, they are a dealer for Proof and build off of Defiance.
  15. hereinaz

    Nucleus defects (renamed thread)

    I think that the "click" is really no big deal, and certainly not a defect with my action. And, the "shorter lead in" on the lug with the cut for the ejector is not a defect. When running the bolt fast, there is absolutely no noticing the "click". Now, if you like to sit at the bench and run...
  16. hereinaz

    Nucleus defects (renamed thread)

    The burrs are not acceptable. However, the ramp on that bolt lug is shorter because of the slot cut into the lug for the ejector. If you look at the other bolt lugs, they are wider. The other two lugs are wider so the lead in is longer. My two Nucleus have the same sort of click that yours...
  17. hereinaz

    Life Without Bipods

    If you are in Texas, or would travel there, I recommend training with Paul Butler of Rauch Precision. I did a long range training course with him and Evolved Ballistics and he gave me my first real taste about the possibilities with a tripod.
  18. hereinaz

    Life Without Bipods

    There are techniques to shooting off a tripod that you can spot your shots better, and shoot better. Spotting shots will have a lot to do with the caliber and rifle you are shooting. As to fundamentals, I improved my groups by shooting several hundred rounds through my .22 off a tripod one day...
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