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  1. Xander3Zero

    Reducing Ejector Force

    ^^^ Like he said, try trimming a few coils off the ejector spring. Worst case if you mess it up, you have to get another ejector spring which is like 80 cents or something like that. As far as the marks the ejector leaves on the case heads, if it really isn't ejector swipe due to pressure...
  2. Xander3Zero

    ++Bighorn TL3 Builds++

    Interesting, was that one always whisper quiet, or do you think its just been broken in? I didn't want to use that wording because it sounds bad, but yes, I would say this is how mine sounds. I figured that it would break in a bit, like I said I've only got around 300 rounds through it, but...
  3. Xander3Zero

    ++Bighorn TL3 Builds++

    Question for my fellow TL3 owners. Does your bolt/receiver make a slight "zipper" noise when just moving the bolt forward and backwards? Mine is smooth and definitely not gritty or anything like that, but makes some noise when compared to a Stiller and a Kelblys. Is this just more of just a...
  4. Xander3Zero

    Need help: 223AI mag lips spreading

    This may be a stupid question... but how do I disassemble the 223 Accurage Mag so that I can trim the insert? It looks like there is a little "button" on the bottom plate of the mag and if you disengage that, you should be able to slide the plate off, but it seems to take considerable force? I...
  5. Xander3Zero

    Finally got my rifle set up the way I want it.

    Sorry, I didn't notice it was a McMillan stock, I thought it was just an HS Precision or something similar. If you like that style of stock, than I would recommend keeping it; McMillan stocks are great and you wouldn't be gaining anything by switching to Grayboe (except for adjustment features).
  6. Xander3Zero

    Finally got my rifle set up the way I want it.

    Nice rifle, glad you are enjoying it. You will have many options to upgrade in the future as well. I could see myself sticking it in a Grayboe Renegade, and maybe throwing a Remage prefit barrel on it! Turn that MOA in half-MOA. :p
  7. Xander3Zero

    2x Vortex Razor Gen II 4.5-27 EBR-2C MIL/MIL

    Just curious, did Vortex change the lens coatings/colors at some point during production? GLWS.
  8. Xander3Zero

    To nitride or to not nitide barrel

    In my opinion, that factory barrel isn't worth the time/trouble/money to get it nitrided. What is the barrel's finish now? Stainless or blued? If its really bothering you, just spray paint it black yourself. I have some seen DIY paint jobs come out pretty good on barrels, and you really...
  9. Xander3Zero

    (SOLD) - Custom LH 223 Rifle for Glass

    Bump, send me some offers if your interested!
  10. Xander3Zero

    (SOLD) - Alamo Precision Rifles 223, Stiller Tac-30, McMillan A5, Bartlein

    Bump to the top, make me a reasonable offer and let's get this sold/traded!
  11. Xander3Zero

    XLR Cerakote Colors Coming Soon

    Awesome news, excited to see what colors you end up offering. I'm assuming there will be some additional cost?
  12. Xander3Zero

    ++Bighorn TL3 Builds++

    @gconnoyer If it really bothers you, give them a call. I'd bet that you could just send in the bolt and have them cerakote those pieces. Without the receiver they wouldn't be able to clearance/function check but the TL3 have pretty good clearance and I bet cerakote won't affect anything...
  13. Xander3Zero

    ++Bighorn TL3 Builds++

    Wow that is crazy cheap and convenient. I do like the color contrast with the standard bolt knob/body, but the blackout looks great too.
  14. Xander3Zero

    ++Bighorn TL3 Builds++

    Nice looking rifle! Did you have the bolt body and knob cerakoted to match the DLC receiver?? Looks awesome.
  15. Xander3Zero

    (SOLD) - Custom LH 223 Rifle for Glass

    Just thought I would post this feeler here in the Optics PX to try and get some more trade offers. As the subject states, I have an Alamo Precision Rifles custom left-hand 223 bolt gun that I am trying to sell/trade for some high-end glass. All the details and pictures are in the link here to...
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