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  1. mrtoyz

    Walkers Silencer Earbuds - Rechargable Version

    Had the Walkers non rechargeable, was not happy at all. At that price I would suggest looking at the OTTO’s. Much much better units. Have a post on the Walkers here in the Hide if you search. Hey
  2. mrtoyz

    Hearing Protection

    Yes as long as you get a good in the ear fit. I recommend the Comply foamies from Amazon. I found them to be much better than the one that come with them.
  3. mrtoyz

    Tripods??? Where to start???

    Feisol is good stuff for sure. 3372 is beefy and the 3342 is just on the edge of being too light IMO. My problem with Feisol is that their heads and leveling base are lacking when it comes to smoothness and controls.
  4. mrtoyz

    Tripods??? Where to start???

    Agree it’s tough. I’m an RRS guy, begrudgingly :cautious: lol! It’s the best IMO. However if you just flat won’t pay that kind of coin then these other suggestions are your best bet. IMO stay away from anything with a center column if you are truly using it for shooting. They make the...
  5. mrtoyz

    Tripods??? Where to start???

    LeoFoto stuff is pretty nice for the money.
  6. mrtoyz

    Throw Lever

    It’s not compact but I love my Aadland lever. I can get s pic later if you can’t find one.
  7. mrtoyz

    WTS 3 PSR Atlas Bi-pods, Arca mounts

    Damn... bummed I missed the se...
  8. mrtoyz

    My daughter’s latest drawing.

    Holy crap. That is amazing. That is true talent worthy of making money............
  9. mrtoyz

    A woman was murdered in her apt close to where we live. We currently don't own any EDC equipment and would like advice -concerned about wife's safety

    Some great advice here. Training training training. Self defense and weapon. With regards to gun selection. Her opinion is most important. Don’t buy something she hasn’t shot and likes. Seriously consider aSig 365. I’ve read the same stuff you have. I’m a believer. Gonna sound funny but my...
  10. mrtoyz

    Sig 320 X-Five

    The grip unit is different as well. I’ve come to find out that the DeltaPoints are just slightly longer than the mounting surface on the x5. About 1mm needs to be milled out of the slide to get it to fit. Other than that the DPP mounts right up. I’m wondering about milling of a tiny portion of...
  11. mrtoyz

    870 Barrel Porting?

    Vang comp fo sho! Would recommend back bore, lengthening the forcing cone as well as porting. Can’t beat it.
  12. mrtoyz

    CZ P10C any experience

    IMO any price below $510 is a decent enough deal.
  13. mrtoyz

    Latest Hearing Protection

    Second the OTTO’s. Best I’ve used
  14. mrtoyz

    CZ P10C any experience

    I’ve got P10c threaded. Very happy with it. Thoughts before purchasing: Like the low bore axis. Threaded barrel, big plus. Suppressor height night sights, big plus. Really liked the grip and overall feel. Trigger was much better than a stock Glock. Less creap, shorter reset. I confirmed that the...
  15. mrtoyz

    Dope Card Template - Excel/Word

    Good stuff. Thanks for being it back.
  16. mrtoyz

    Tangent Theta Gen3 XR - details and images

    Like it. Wish I could upgrade my PM2’s Gen2xr with the Gen3.....
  17. mrtoyz

    Tripod help? What to go under a hog saddle.

    I have not played with the Pig tripod but in my experience there is no way that you can compare the stability of a center column with a ball head and a pig saddle all stacked on top of each other to a tripod with a leveling, or RRS Anvil, mounted directly to the tripod directly mounted via Arca...
  18. mrtoyz

    Tripod help? What to go under a hog saddle.

    I’m really surprised that they are getting the support needed with a center column.
  19. mrtoyz

    Tripod help? What to go under a hog saddle.

    @kdmcd are you running the ball head on top of the their center column?
  20. mrtoyz

    Tripod help? What to go under a hog saddle.

    @BuhLockay IMO the 3442 flex’s just a little more than I’m comfortable with when loaded. Think you made the right choise with the 3372.
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