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    New meme so awesome... it's banned by Twitter!

    There hasn't been running here this week only swimming!
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    I'd like Texas to lead the national conversation...

    This piece of crap beta needs to burn. I'm glad I'm registering and voting.
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    Vudoo Gun Works V-22 Rimfire Bolt Action

    Resonant frequencies can be be a challenge. It's impressive when you can have a certain flow rates in a system that wants to tear the system apart, slight change up or down, and move out of the resonant frequency and it's happy again. This applies to every machine, guns, bridges, power...
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    Vudoo Gun Works V-22 Rimfire Bolt Action

    Wood parallel to grain has a lower growth coefficient than aluminum. But slightly higher perpendicular to the grain. Where I believe the Walnut bedding will have the advantage is the damping properties that are greater than aluminum. I really like the idea of the 3D inlets. But my Vudoo and...
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    Shooting at 1 mile near North Texas

    Yeah no kidding about the rain I'm tired of it. Been trying to get my house slab poured for a month now!
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    They finally invented a retard magnet!!!!!

    I thought this was the biggest retard magnet
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    Rollin Coal-----Diesel thread

    Is there a red superduty wrapped around that 7.3?
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    Scope choice for Kids first precision rifle

    My daughter's 223 has a Burris XTR2 3-15 on it. One of the biggest issues my kids have had going to it is the tighter eye box. She is 10 and understands the parallax, reticle, dialing and holdover. Now that she can handle it pretty good she really enjoys it. My boy still likes the iron...
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    Sport Bike Track Days

    I'm not far from Motorsports ranch in Cresson Texas, my buddy goes out there here and there with his bike. He made it seem like it's just pay the money and ride.
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    Best online store to purchase fastners of all kinds?

    Another vote for McMC
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    Do you have a tourniquet in you car and range bag?

    Yes a CAT torniquet is part of all the first aid kits.
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    Do you have a tourniquet in you car and range bag?

    Yes a CAT torniquet is part of all the first aid kits.
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    Shooting at 1 mile near North Texas

    CCC in Cresson,
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    New from North Texas

    Welcome from South West of the metromess! Hopefully things will slow down and I'll get a chance to make it back to CCC
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    Alessia Zecchini- Free diving to 107 Meters...

    That is nuts! I have free dove to 10m and that is a trip, last time I went after lobster there were guys making 20-30m dives after them. No thanks I like my tanks!
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    F150 Diesel

    We have been thinking about one. It would be handy to have another truck that can handle the little horse trailer and utility trailer. We have a F350 dually that handles all the heavy tasks, there are times when the wifes suv is a pain in the but andi have to go get whatever sincei have the...
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    California mandates female board members

    There just going to hire strippers for board members!
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    Who is shooting today

    We are today, hitting the sporting clays course this afternoon. I might try to get the RF's out at the house this morning
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    FN FNAR 308 for sale

    FN FNAR for sale with 1 magazine I got this from a guy that likes to buy guns rather than shoot them. I'm great shape, I do not have an exact round count, but knowing this guy I would be shocked if it were over 100. $900 + the ride to your FFL or FTF in North Texas with LTC/CHL. I'll get...
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    Vudoo Gun Works V-22 Rimfire Bolt Action

    Yeah i know it's going to be a challenge! I have thought about building it as a minimal chassis somewhat like the Anchuntz 3 position guns. I was thinking I needed to knock nearly a pound off the stock, I can get 4+ ounces from the recoil pad mount, go to a minimum recoil pad and loose another...
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