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    Save for AI? Or?

    I had a trued 700 then quickly sold that and bought an AT, then sold that and bought an AXMC. To me, AI is the top of the food chain and I love em.
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    Savage 116 in 338WM New price

    Friday night bump
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    Sig SHR 970 in 300WM NEW Lower price

    Friday night bump
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    So my GAP 6.5Creedmoor is out shooting my AXMC 338Lapua at distance...

    In all seriousness you could mail me the barrel and I could shoot it side by side with my 338 barrel and then I can mail it back.
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    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    Now he’s ruined for life. Lol. Start him on the best rifle and can, now everything else is gonna come up short! Lol. Glad he had a good time.
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    Need advice - TBAC 338 Ultra options/questions

    Yup. I didn’t want to do TBAC brakes either. I wanted everything to be simple 5/8x24. That’s not in the cards, so to me the next easiest is two brakes.
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