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  1. Strykervet

    Knee Injury, Advice Needed

    Before anyone says go the doctor, BTDT and waiting on a call to schedule an MRI and then an ortho referral at VA. So it's gonna take unnecessary time. Knees were already painful and sound like rice crispies when I flex them. After working in the shop for a few weeks and feeling a little more...
  2. Strykervet

    I fear leftist blood will flow soon

    I vote and I load ammo. It's really all I can do. That, and hope that shit doesn't get bad enough that I have to go from shooting paper and steel targets to shooting assholes. It's actually kind of a bucket list item. I was in the military. If they told me to disarm citizens or otherwise...
  3. Strykervet

    Five Tribes

    Better said would be that there's a lot of centrists in America that feel ignored. Most Americans are centrists, not far left or far right, but the way things have been going, they've been forced to vote on one issue important to them and disregard the rest. It's frustrating for sure. I have...
  4. Strykervet

    Sub sonic shooting to 800yds with 300 BLK

    I've got better results with .300BLK when it first came out than I expected or was written about it. At 200m, it didn't drop too much and maintained a lot of velocity, however, the longer the bullet is in flight, the longer gravity has to work on a bullet that is slowing down, albeit slowly...
  5. Strykervet

    Sako TRG-42 Brake?

    I have an Elite Iron brake and suppressor mount for a TRG42, but never ended up getting the rifle... The ports are very similar to the .50 brake they made for me that works well, and both are similar, almost identical, to the McMillan brake, with the 3 leaf clover looking ports.
  6. Strykervet

    LOTS of Gun Shows on Prime, Check it Out!

    So on Amazon Prime, there are lots of good gun shows, and by "gun show" I mean precisely that. They're videos that cover different weapons and the guy goes in-depth on the history behind it, it's flaws, it's attributes and in many cases he disassembles the firearm and illustrates how it's...
  7. Strykervet

    Stone Garden on Prime

    Never seen it before, it's a movie from 86 and it's full of good actors. And they do a good job playing military figures in it too. Better than most. It's about the Old Guard in 68 and about a young guy that wants to see action instead of burial duty. It's an indictment of war, but not at...
  8. Strykervet

    I need help mounting a Dillon 550

    That's what I need for my BFR but I don't have the stuff and it's a 100lb. press. Inline Fabrication... I'll have to check that out, I had no idea anyone made stuff like that. The Dillon mount isn't bad at all and not that expensive as I recall, so if it works for you, I'd consider it.
  9. Strykervet


    I can't drink much, it usually makes me sick long before getting drunk. I used to drink a lot of beer when I was younger, in the army. We had shit beer in AL so when I got to WA, it was on. Our whole unit drank tons of beer though, and then get up and run it all off the next morning. But I...
  10. Strykervet

    Bino's - useful or expedient for spotting at precision rifle matches?

    Personally, I'd much rather have a spotting scope. Which one depends on what I'm doing. On the ground I'd probably want something with a reticle, a Spotter 60 is best but I'd probably have to settle for a 20-60 Mk4. I did settle for a USO observation scope at 15-45x. That's enough mag to see...
  11. Strykervet

    6.5 Grendel

    Satern barrels are great --IF you can get 'em. I had one on order for 2-3 years, had moved in that time and almost given up when they called and said it was ready to ship. They can do rifling down to the thousandth of an inch, hardly anybody else does that. Anyway, my heavy 20" barrel is by...
  12. Strykervet

    I need help mounting a Dillon 550

    Never seen that, an adapter would likely have to be fabricated. Dillon kinda does their own thing. There are guys on here that can do that and you may be able to contract one of them to do the work if you asked. Depending, some may do it for free, some may want a little payment, some may do a...
  13. Strykervet

    Greatest pre ~1962 SMG

    I don't know, I like the grease gun still. It was good enough for Delta Force way into the 80's or 90's. The Sten had problems, so did the Sterling. Had to do with force on the magazine and improperly welded/attached mag wells. Then there was also something else about the Sterling but I...
  14. Strykervet

    Help Finding Bar Feed Lathe Please

    So I need help finding a good CNC bar feed lathe that's not to expensive, preferably used but in excellent working order, that'll handle up to 1/2" at least, but I'd prefer a little larger if possible. It needs to be accurate. I need it for making solid copper and brass bullets. I'd prefer...
  15. Strykervet

    Very High Quality Lanolin Case Lube

    This is a very high quality case lube and is stronger than the Dillon product, which is pretty good product, and you get 2x as much for the same price! All the absolute best ingredients, just pure 99% isopropyl alcohol and 100% pure organic lanolin in an emulsion. Shake and use. Use spray...
  16. Strykervet

    Spec Ops Advantage Inc?

    Okay, hey, thanks. Where'd you see that? All I could find was some general info, address, etc. It makes sense, consultant and all. I wonder who the guy was, wonder if I knew him. Probably not. Wonder why it still shows up like that? 2010 was a long time ago. Thanks again.
  17. Strykervet

    This Week's Big Sale on Wall Street

    Man, I second that. Thinking of making my own at this point. They sell a machine that swages copper jacketed lead up to .50, but I don't know how well they work. Thinking of asking for samples to inspect and fire. Could also just get the best lathe of it's type I can get and make solid...
  18. Strykervet

    Clearance Yanked form Killary the Kunt

    Why wasn't it pulled earlier? Why is Snowden an "enemy of the state" and Clinton is "untouchable"? Hell, why didn't Trump just do it himself on day one? Sick of the double standards. That's what will lead us to civil war quicker than anything and it's basically why all wars have been fought...
  19. Strykervet

    The Joys of a Take-charge Spouse

    I've been wife-less for almost a year now and while ending a marriage isn't easy, I have to say the dog and cat don't get me nearly as wound up as she did over indolence and defending indolent behavior. Shit costs more now but that'll only be temporary. But I can't see how you don't have a...
  20. Strykervet

    Insert My Snake? I Think Not.

    Compares illegal immigrants to Iraq war dead... Got a couple buddies that fit that category and since they ain't here to speak I'll have to do it for 'em. One would just say "fuck no" and go into a tirade, the other one was from a Mexican immigrant family --who came here the right way-- and he...
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