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  1. Skookum

    Greatest pre ~1962 SMG

    I doubt it could be considered "great" but the Czech VZ61 Skorpion was introduced in 1961, so makes your cut off date and hasn't been mentioned yet.
  2. Skookum

    Need Help Interpreting Load Data

    I would do 43.7 or even 43.9 because you are right in that velocity window I mentioned before. At 43.7 you have good velocity and SD, so the powder is burning well and there is plenty of head room for summer heat. That load has really small vertical dispersion on the target which indicates good...
  3. Skookum

    Truing MV vs. BC

    I was out shooting at 2,400 yards just a couple of weeks ago and had a common experience that I think illustrates your point. I had gathered dope on this load at 60 degrees F in this exact location in heavy overcast and in winds that were from 1130 oclock at less than 3mph. There couldn't have...
  4. Skookum

    LRF Wars. Is it really that bad?

    +1 for the Nikon Black 4K. I don't own it, but my shooting partner does, so I have been getting some extensive use of it in varying Pacific Northwest conditions for about a month now. It will range pretty much anything you aim it at out to 1700-1800 yards. The beam is narrow and tall and there...
  5. Skookum

    I need to reload for 6.5 Creedmoor. Can I buy just the minimum equipment for $100 and if so what do I buy??

    A match grade die set alone would cost you more than $100. But, if you wanna make it go bang, there is this:
  6. Skookum

    338 Lapua - IMR 8133 & 285 ELD-M’s

    I'm using 8133 with 300 gr Bergers in a 338 Allen Xpress. It is burning very near the same rate as RL33. I am loading 106 grains and getting 3150 fps out of a 36 inch barrel. It is very good so far with temp stability, I am seeing about 0.7fps per degree of ambient. It might be just a touch slow...
  7. Skookum

    Desert Tech TRASOL Official Thread

    You have that exactly backwards, if you are using the BP button and inputting station pressure, it will read a higher DA than actual. Unless of course, you are at sea level where BP and SP are the same thing. When I put in all your numbers and use the SP button, I get 6446 ft. DA. When I leave...
  8. Skookum

    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    That is f**king awesome! They have never had anyone say that shit to thier face.
  9. Skookum

    Inner voices

    I get that it pisses off the SJW's (good), and I get that they don't think for themselves. What I was referring to, I guess, is that until today I had never once heard the term "NPC". Since I'm 47 and haven't played a video game since about 1985, I don't know what "NPC" really means or why it is...
  10. Skookum

    Inner voices

    I don't know what any of this means.
  11. Skookum

    Need a spotting scope

    Some people really want that reticle, it annoys the shit out of me. When I'm calling for another person, I know how big the target is in MILS or MOA. If my wind call is close (and it should be) the miss will be close enough to use the target itself as a reference. I've tried to use reticles...
  12. Skookum

    Need a spotting scope

    On a scale of 1 to 10, the big Swaro's being a 10... the big Kowas are a 9.5... the Leupolds are a strong 7.5 or an 8... the Spacemaster is a solid 7, and the T-series Bushnell is about a 5.
  13. Skookum


    Have you tried running the solution with Station Pressure to see what you get? It would be intersting to see if there is a difference in your case.
  14. Skookum

    Need a spotting scope

    Yeah, that's a good one. I have 5 in all, 3 of those type, one with the black rubber armor and 1 Korean one with the camoflage. The Korean one pretty much lives in my pack that I take with me everyday because I wouldn't mind so much if it got damaged.
  15. Skookum

    Need a spotting scope

    You are welcome, which type of spacemaster did you get? Now if you can find a 25x fixed eyepiece for it, you will really see how good it is.
  16. Skookum


    Yeah, looked pretty suspect.
  17. Skookum


    I can't speak for the past, I haven't been watching it that long, but the action inside the ring looks and feels every bit as legit as UFC. As for the doping, I don't know...and don't really care. Two roid monsters beating the shit out of each other is just as entertaining to me. It does have a...
  18. Skookum

    Why so short?

    Your height and wingspan are not the deciding factors. It is the thickness of the chest compared to the length of the neck. If you have a bird chest and a long neck, you feel comfortable with a longer LOP. If you have a thick chest and no neck, you need a shorter LOP so you aren't constantly...
  19. Skookum


    I have been watching more Bellator lately. I like the sometimes strange mixture of the new and the familiar. It seems like the fighters are a lot happier (reading up on this, Bellator has a MUCH more fair compensation to thier fighters, which is why so many are leaving the UFC). I like the...
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