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  1. Hook Creek

    Regular flashlight for weapons light

    Anyone ever do this? Had a extra 30mm scope ring laying around and put my coast 300 lumen light in it, then attached to the side of my ar. Light seems durable enough but we’ll find out when I test it soon as I get to the range. Just curious, did some research but come up dry on any experience...
  2. Hook Creek

    WTT WTS R700 B&C M40 LA

    Want to trade this for a S/A. Need something for my remington 700 .308. I had this on my .300 WM and havent had time for it. This stock has only seen 5 rounds shot from it, so its like new. I have a 20moa Nightforce base to go along with it if you have something worth a little more whatever we...
  3. Hook Creek

    Sheepdog Warrior - Upstate NY

    Finally in the area there is a place to go for shooters of all types. Even better they have a 1000 yard range with steel to bang all over it, and i heard they are extending it even up to a mile. They have a few pistol/tactical areas set up, and was told about a 360° berm pit for one shooter at a...
  4. Hook Creek

    Gun Laws In Tennessee

    Looks Like my job might be moving me out to TN. Wondering what the freedom was like over there. Got to be a hell of a lot better than where Im at now!
  5. Hook Creek

    Electric Bill Charges...

    I have a house and a garage that are on two separate streets, with two separate meters. I have never had the electric on in the garage untill recently, because I never used it, and I still never do! I only turned it on because I thought I was going to start using it at night, but never did. Now...
  6. Hook Creek

    US Optics ST-10 TPAL & SWFA SS 5-20

    Been selling all my stuff to upgrade to high end glass. But before I spend $3000.00 on a optic, there's a couple scopes that won't let me click away from them. There is plenty of reviews and videos on the SWFA SS 5-20X50, And I'm sure its a great scope after having one of the fixed 10x. The US...
  7. Hook Creek

    Trade Setup For Nice Optic?

    Didn't post in for sale section, because I'm only thinking about it and not actually doing it yet. Just curious what others thoughts/advice would be. Been through a few setups over the years, but one thing I have not accomplished yet is having a super good optic. For guys like me (Father of two...
  8. Hook Creek

    Mcmillan A-5 Adjustable Cheek Issue

    Anyone ever have any issues with there Mcmillan adjustment knobs coming loose? Loving the stock, but after tightening then taking a few shots, it will come loose and wobble around. Don't matter how tight I make it, it will come loose after 2 or three shots with my 308 Winchester
  9. Hook Creek

    5th Shot is always a charm..

    This 5 shots at 400 Yards was still less than 4 inches, but damn it was almost beautiful.
  10. Hook Creek

    From Varget to 4064

    On my last can of Varget! Going to have to start tapping into my 4064 I've been sittin on. Just curious what anyone's results have been trying to duplicate velocity for .308. I have used IMR 4064 in the past with great results but its been a while. The load I've been using for my .308 is great...
  11. Hook Creek

    POS Closet to MAN CAVE

    Needed a place to bring my stuff to from the garage because of rust issues, so I had to find a place in the home. After some thought I ended up turning my closet into my hangout/reloading room/get away from my wife room. Built a table secured to the three walls Walmart DVD...
  12. Hook Creek

    Finally got the Mcmillan A5 and Badger bottom metal

    Finally got my Mcmillan A5 and Badger bottom metal. Very Pleased with the way the stock feels and looks. I had it inletted for the Badger bottom metal, and it fits perfectly. Torqued it down to 55in pounds and shot it today with expected great results. As it sits there is no pillars or bedding...
  13. Hook Creek

    $5 Bolt knob

    Had the Idea in my head for a while and just finally did it today. Picked up some JB Weld putty, and a can of black spray paint. Molded a ball of putty onto my bolt, then got to sanding. Just thought I would pass the idea along. I only spent 35 minutes on this but it didnt come out to bad for a...
  14. Hook Creek

    New Remington 700 AAC-SD .308 Report

    First five shots fired down the tube were 1/2in. Got lucky that the first load I tried was the keeper. Did testing with 175 SMK's and Honady 178 BTHP under Varget, Federal Match primers and Lapua brass seated to 2.810. Best results I got was with 44.0gr charge using the 178's. Took her out to...
  15. Hook Creek

    Loading once fired crimped brass

    Dont have a tool to remove the old crimp so I loaded some to see how they went in. some went easy, some deformed the primer slightly. Anyone done this before? results? Using lake city brass for .223
  16. Hook Creek

    From Varget tto Win 748

    Picked up some Winchester 748, and was wondering what anyone has seen for different temps and accuracy, POI change, etc. Been using Varget and IMR 4064 for a couple years now but tired of literally using a spoon and the tapping of my finger to measure every single round because the shit don't...
  17. Hook Creek

    mil-dot Reticle off?

    I am new to using mil-dots to range out my targets, but I have tried a few different formulas to get inaccurate readings. it seems like I'm off 15 yards for every hundred, 115 when its 100, 230 when it 200, etc. are the reticles sometimes off a little?
  18. Hook Creek

    Question on neck tension

    Did a test today on a .308 for poi change with new and used brass on a fl die, half with expander ball, and half without found here . One thing I realized is that when sizing without the expander ball the inside of the neck measured .295, and with the expander ball it measured .300. If you...
  19. Hook Creek

    POI Test

    While doing load development for my .308 today I resized half my brass that has already been fired with a fl die and no expander ball, and the other half with new brass on the same fl die but with the expander ball. This was Lapua brass, CCI BR2 primer, 175g SMK, 44.5g Varget, 2.800 COAL. Did...
  20. Hook Creek

    Fixing Nicks and Scratches on Crown

    Thought I would post what I just did to fix some nicks and scratches. Proceed at your own risk! I don't know if this will work on your barrel and you should check to make sure its OK first lol. Take a alcohol pad or alcohol and cotton ball, or anything to remove oils from the area cause your...
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