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  1. super_poot

    Anyone else excited for baseball season?

    Go Yanks!!!
  2. super_poot

    MPA Competition Chassis Rem 700

    Do they have the inclinometer?
  3. super_poot

    FS: 770x Hornady 140 ELD-M Bullets All Same Lot

    770x 140gr ELD-M all same lot these are the early ones that have the translucent tip. $230.00 Shipped to lower 48 PayPal + fees or certified check
  4. super_poot

    RRS Anvil Ball Head ?

    @MPHReallyRightStuff do you have any estimates as to when these will ship?
  5. super_poot

    SOLD FS: 99 Shiny New Lapua 6.5 Creedmoor Cases

    For sale 99 shiny new 6.5 Creedbro Lapua cases. $99.00 Shipped to lower 48 PayPal +fees or certified check.
  6. super_poot

    Anyone else excited for baseball season?

    Just watch golf, waaaay more entertaining than baseball.
  7. super_poot

    FS Tab Gear Str8 Laced Bag OD Green

    Brand new condition Tab Gear OD green Str8 Laced bag. $50.00 shipped to lower 48 PayPal +fees or certified check.
  8. super_poot

    Integrated scope level...

    @JR869 Ok, so not talking about the same thing.
  9. super_poot

    Integrated scope level...

    Really, find what distracting? I doubt that you have looked through a USO with a level if you are saying it's distracting. Most people don't even notice it unless I tell them it's there.
  10. super_poot

    New bolt action from American Rifle Company, The NUCLEUS

    Well if history is any indicator, I wouldn't hold your breath. I ordered ARC mags last year, was told they would ship by May 1st. I actually had them in hand June 12. I'm not saying anything bad about them, I'm just saying with new products things happen. Usually, it takes longer than anyone...
  11. super_poot

    RRS at SHOT?

    How come no option for a TFTC-33 w/ Anvil 30??
  12. super_poot

    Integrated scope level...

    I have brought this up many times. I love that feature of my USO. I don't get why it's not popular, you would think that all the high end scopes would have some kind of level integration.
  13. super_poot

    FS: Redding Competition Shell Holder Set #1 & #2

    #1 sized set is sold, #2 sized set still available.