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  1. TNVC_Augee

    Pvs 14 and Crye Nightcap

    For the NightCap I would recommend the Wilcox L4 G22E over the G11 or any other Force-To-Overcome (FTO) mount. Not only does the G22E have greater forward adjustment that is useful with the NightCap, but IMHO, push-button mounts simply play far better with the NightCap than FTO systems. Because...
  2. TNVC_Augee

    Best pistol sights when running Night Vision monocular?

    BLUF: RDS with black sights is the way to go for pistol use under NVGs. Over the years, we have tried, trained with, and taught a variety of different equipment combinations and techniques, many of which worked to one extent or another, but none of which was ever wholly satisfactory compared...
  3. TNVC_Augee

    DT vs ST

    Are you saying that you can’t see clearly inside of 100 yards when you focus your NVD? I’m not going to argue with what you’re saying you see, but focused to infinity, I have no problems seeing short range up to a few feet in front of me, and certainly well within 10-15m. Is it as sharp at all...
  4. TNVC_Augee

    Anyone have a KAC Hi Rise mount I can borrow?

    I’m tracking now, yes, mounted offset to the optic, I would agree—I was thinking more in terms of a “conventionally” mounted offset sight off the receiver or handguard. ~Augee
  5. TNVC_Augee

    Anyone have a KAC Hi Rise mount I can borrow?

    Most 45 degree mounts mount the optic even closer to the bore line/receiver than standard height sights, increasing, rather than decreasing the likelihood of hardware impedence, especially if you try to use your dominant eye with duals, as you’re now rotating your weapon to place the day optic...
  6. TNVC_Augee

    Anyone have a KAC Hi Rise mount I can borrow?

    Use of passive sighting may require you to change your head positioning on your weapon a little bit, especially if you’re accustomed to “nose to charging handle” style shooting to avoid hardware impedence, but tall sights (using risers and/or tall mounts) makes it much easier for most...
  7. TNVC_Augee

    Anyone have a KAC Hi Rise mount I can borrow?

    Which mount specifically are you using currently? I'm talking about putting your current mount on top of a riser, not switching mounts to the riser mount. Jason Falla's optic setup prior to the Skyscraper mount--KAC Micro mount on a 3/4" riser: High rise optics have been in use for quite...
  8. TNVC_Augee

    Anyone have a KAC Hi Rise mount I can borrow?

    You're stuck on old paradigms. Passive use of RDS through head mounted NV has been a TTP for quite some time now for many of the exact reasons you are now thinking of trying it to the point that it is now the preferred method for some professional users. If you want to try it as a "proof of...
  9. TNVC_Augee

    DT vs ST

    I am not a scientist nor a medical doctor, so I'm not going to speak to the semantics of different "types" of "depth perception," however: Under most circumstances, I would recommend keeping your NVDs, single or dual, focused to infinity. Range specific adjustments can make sense in some...
  10. TNVC_Augee

    Anyone have a KAC Hi Rise mount I can borrow?

    What is it that you're trying to accomplish/test? ~Augee
  11. TNVC_Augee

    DT vs ST

    What is vision other than perception? PVS-7s and other biocular devices "trick" you because you're seeing the same image. That slight offset is exactly what creates depth perception. Whether or not you're conscious of it (it's not unless you have abnormal sensory function), your brain...
  12. TNVC_Augee

    Liberate the Night! TNVC Very Special Limited Edition TNV/PVS-14 July 4th Kick-Off Sale

    None remaining, sold out of half a platoon's worth of units in less than five minutes. ~Augee
  13. TNVC_Augee

    Liberate the Night! TNVC Very Special Limited Edition TNV/PVS-14 July 4th Kick-Off Sale

    Liberate the Night—TNVC 4th of July Sale Celebrate Your Freedoms with TNVC’s 2018 4th of July Sale: Great Discounts on Some of Our Most Popular Items, Including $500 Off Thin-Filmed Sentinel Goggles, $265 Wilcox L4 G11 Mounts, Plus a Never Before Offered Limited Edition L3 Thin-Filmed WP...
  14. TNVC_Augee

    IR laser with illuminator Worth It Or Not?

    At 450m, you will most likely be more limited by your ability to positively ID your target through the PVS-14 than by the performance of the illuminator or by the reach of the aiming laser. While an extremely versatile piece of equipment, the PVS-14 is not really designed for long range...
  15. TNVC_Augee

    weapon mounted flashlight/laser question

    Are you asking about an IR aiming laser? Or a visible laser? Generally speaking, visible lasers are a poor choice for long gun applications save for a very few professional circumstances, under almost all of which, you will most likely have a multi-function laser aiming module (like the ATPIAL...
  16. TNVC_Augee

    DT vs ST

    BLUF: If I were starting over today and knowing what I know now, if I could afford it, I would start with white phosphor duals. Now the much, much longer version, hahaha. Lots of good points brought up in this thread so far that I’m going to try to address, starting, obviously, with the...
  17. TNVC_Augee

    How many use reticle illumination with clip-ons?

    At around 4x for multiple, moving targets, I personally like having some illumination. This could be a function of having had some of my first clip-on experiences in front of a TA31-series ACOG, where illumination is not so much an option but a simple hardware function, but even with other...
  18. TNVC_Augee

    Buying unknown pvs-14

    Among the things that I would check with a used PVS-14 would be to make sure that there was no significant damage to the lenses, that both objective and diopter focus had their full range of motion and rotated and functioned smoothly. I would make sure all of the functions worked properly...
  19. TNVC_Augee

    MAWL C-1+ Warranty Only One Year- WTF?

    The MAWL-C1+ absolutely outclasses other Class I options out there, and some would argue that it even outclasses many IIIb Restricted units, at least for illumination, though you will obviously lack the high powered aiming laser setting. As for warranty... let me put it this way, stated...
  20. TNVC_Augee

    IR Illuminator Mounts

    benzy2, again, I never disagreed with you, I am actively agreeing with you--your suggestion is a good one, and the OP should try it. I may have gotten fixated on the fact that the OP asked for mounting recommendations, and approached the issue of mounting hardware a little more strongly that is...
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