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  1. lash

    Nucleus Orders

    Shouldn't be long for you now I'd expect. Mine was a similar number and I received my invoice yesterday too.
  2. lash

    Here is a good article explaining why Mattis is on his way out

    Of course they will. It's a standard MO for them.
  3. lash

    Walmart's Worry List - stock up now before tariffs kick in

    I don't disagree with anything that you just said. I'm just noting that even China's economic manipulation is not sustainable. They are already feeling the effects of too many years of a propped up economic manufacturing model. In this case, a tarrif just may be the right thing at the right...
  4. lash

    Walmart's Worry List - stock up now before tariffs kick in

    Don't misunderstand me, I am neither argueing for or against tariffs. What I am saying is that markets eventually adjust, even while some take the easy way out and move manufacturing offshore. And you should know that I've always been concerned for our manufacturing capabilities here. It has...
  5. lash

    Well, there you go......

    I support where you are coming from, but this definition of high risk describes a good amount of the people right here on the Hide, likely yourself included. Surely there needs to be additional criteria involved.
  6. lash

    Walmart's Worry List - stock up now before tariffs kick in depends upon the company. We produce machined aluminum connectors for the automotive industry. As an American company, we do everything in our ability to compete directly with the landed prices of the Chinese competitors in this business (and they have the double advantages of...
  7. lash

    Bolt Action Valkyrie

    My experience says yes, it is cost effective in the AR platform. Factory ammo is low cost (American Gunner) or relatively low cost (for match grade), is quite accurate in a good barrel and beats the crap out of any factory offering for .223 at 900-1100 yards (farthest I've shot it). Understand...
  8. lash

    Bolt Action Valkyrie

    Well, that's the great thing about the shooting sports. Everyone finds something that floats their boat. Most .223 and even .223AI chambers and twist rates aren't really set up to handle much more that 75s or 77s. Personally, I'm having a blast with my .224v in a small AR platform that is a...
  9. lash

    Bolt Action Valkyrie

    Well, since I know that some people are using standard 223 mags for semis and doing fine, I wonder why the .223 mags for bolts wouldn't work also. Plus, are there not some people shooting 6.8 and other variants from bolts?
  10. lash

    Bolt Action Valkyrie

    Can your .223 throw 88-95g projos out to 1100+ yds supersonically?
  11. lash

    What do you want to shoot at 22LR long range match?

    I've only run and shot one match, so take this as you will, but we did go out to 300 meters on the last stage. I had people worried about that distance, so provided all kinds of dope for the shooters the day before. The really long stage was last and had two different targets you could shoot...
  12. lash

    "It's People!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Well, being a huge reader and sci-fi fan, I feel as if I have entered one of those dystopian worlds that I've read about, where all seems lost at times. Then my natural optimism kicks in and I shove those thoughts deep down into the underworld where they should remain in a sensible world. Sorry...
  13. lash

    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    If some nut job tries to pull that weapon straight up, he/she/it will get a surprise. That Blackhawk holster retains the weapon.
  14. lash

    "It's People!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    That was my guess.
  15. lash

    "It's People!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Not that the sentiment is wrong, but that second meme that talks about fat Americans is not from the U.S. in any way.
  16. lash

    A life lesson; don’t be like Felipe.

    It is good that you are on the right life path now. It is a rare person that does not have some past hurdles that have had to be overcome. Some make it through okay and some never make it. Strength can be found in the knowing where you've been and where you want to be instead. I was not here...
  17. lash

    Well, we haven't had many bear stories...

    I saw a bit of the interview with the surviving client. He is still obviously distraught over getting away after being initially attacked and leaving the guide behind. It's not something that I would like to have as a memory.
  18. lash

    No love for March?

    Well, let's see. You title is an open ended question and even your OP was sorta casual and asked us readers what we thought. So now you are only interested in detailed responses written by those that even care what you think. Why don't you just put your benchrest trousers back on for a minute...
  19. lash

    Should I just accept that I'll lose most of my brass at a match

    I'll agree to that, but if you read through all the posts, I don't think that Rob was saying that you should just expect it all to be lost. He was agreeing that 10-20% is not unusual in big matches. My experiences on the east coast at large national matches bears out that statement.
  20. lash

    Does not qualify to get your pudding.

    You're pudding me on, right? And the pudding isn't real either, so there's that. Note that sales of real beef haven't slowed down any either.
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