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    WTT Forster 338lm micrometer seater/FL die set

    Forster 338lm fl and micrometer seater set. In really good condition. Somehow I got 2 sets. Looking to trade for same in either 300wsm or 6.5 Swede I may trade for other stuff if you really need them.
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    Looking for 204 brass

    I have a bunch of new Norma Brass. Best you can get
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    CCI BR4 primers misfires

    I had the same problem with br4s. I called cci and they told me I was crushing the cup of the primer. I started trying to “feel” it seating properly instead of squeezing all the way down. Hand primer of course. Haven’t had a problem since
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    WTT 6.5 Creed AR w/24” criterion barrel

    Last bump. Then cerakote and back to safe queen
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    WTT 6.5 Creed AR w/24” criterion barrel

    Look at the size of that Match barrel!!!!
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    ???? What mod?
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    WTT 6.5 Creed AR w/24” criterion barrel

    I have a 6.5 Creed AR WITH LESS THAN 100 rounds on it. I just never use it and am more into bolt guns. Specs: Magpul PRS Areo billet lower/Upper MI key mod rail JP bolt. Geissle trigger. Heavybuffers buffer and aftermarket buffer spring 24” criterion barrel with nice brake Shoots really...
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    WTT MPA LA chassis for AWT LA chassis

    I have a OD green MPA LA chassis. Looking for AWT chassis in LA
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    WTF is going on with my Redding die today

    I’ve had it happen before. Now I try to be extra careful to lube everything evenly. Seems to have done the trick so far. Can’t think of much other than possibly a different shellholder?
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    WTT 300wsm Federal Vital-shook 180gr

    Bought these thinking they were Brass. They are nickel coated and I don’t reload nickel. Will trade for 300wsm Brass or other loaded rounds
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