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    WTB Annealer

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    JAE Arca-2 arca rail

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    SOLD Ingenuity Gunworks AdjustaRail System (JAE-700)

    PM me your number or email address. I’ll send you a video of my ingenuity and pics of Area419 and my thoughts on them. Short story, both awesome, but I prefer ingenuity.
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    WTB Annealer

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    WTB Accurate Mag .223 10rnd

    Need another one or two if anyone has some.
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    Schmidt and Bender retailers
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    WTB Accurate Mag .223 10rnd

    PM incoming
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    Help setting up my Minox ZP5 please.

    At least it wasn’t on backwards 😎
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    WTB Annealer

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    WTS Leupold Mark 5 HD 5-25 cch reticle with ARC rings

    Have this on the way, but will be sticking to Minox and saving for the new TT. Brand new 5-25 with cch reticle (non illuminated) with ARC 1.1” rings. $2200 shipped. Only trades: Same optic w/tremor 3 S&B(most any model) with tremor 3 TT 525p or 515p with gen2xr Khales 525i USO B25 with Tremor...
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