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  1. hic28

    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    I may have posted this in a different thread. IPSC at a mile
  2. hic28

    Which bino mount for tripod?

    Another option with more versatility than just holding binos is the Abel table. This is how I run my binos. A strip a Velcro wrap and they don’t move. Plus you have room to mount a rangefinder and kestrel or other items.
  3. hic28

    Socially UNacceptable Humor

  4. hic28

    Space Force

    This wasn’t trumps idea, I remember the UsAF talking about space and missiles breaking off to form a new branch back in 2011.
  5. hic28

    RO’s shooting the course before the match

    That’s a rape job for a one day monthly club match. They better be providing lunch and a Bj for that price.
  6. hic28

    RO’s shooting the course before the match

    How much was the match fee? I set up, write cofs, RO and shoot our monthly club matches. Typically one of us will shoot the cof a week before to make sure times are doable so the newer shooters aren’t getting slaughtered month after month. It’s also good practice and the winds change day to...
  7. hic28

    Are you my fucking pussy neighbor, or someone else's?

    My pops was a motorcycle officer for 30+ years, his partner lived in the countryside where it’s legal to shoot any animal attacking your livestock (he had chickens and goats) His neighbor had a dog that would constantly dig under the fence and get into the chicken coop and kill chickens. So he...
  8. hic28

    Gear of the Year, What do you think ?

    1) RRS anvil 30 - the new head kicks ass for a ton of reasons 2) ckye pod is great as well, the adjustablility is way above the other options for bipods currently out 3) abel table - it goes everywhere and is incredibly useful
  9. hic28

    How Does This Happen....

    35 second mark. “I’ve seen this once before as a rookie...”
  10. hic28

    Socially UNacceptable Humor

    Why do cave man drag their women by their hair? Cause if they dragged them by their feet they would fill up with rocks
  11. hic28

    Can you say the word "Monkey" any longer

    Please ride a bicycle across Isis controlled territory to prove you aren’t racist and humans are kind.
  12. hic28

    US Space Force

    They’ve already made a porn in space. Google it on your own.
  13. hic28

    Pint Sized Game Changer

    Heavy fill, it’s closer to 6 lbs
  14. hic28

    Pint Sized Game Changer

    I think so, it’s a good ballance and there are some pros over the og. L
  15. hic28

    Pint Sized Game Changer

    The pint sized gc was the only bag I used all day. Took 3rd if 39 with a 223 Stability: It seemed to be more stable than the Og, I think this is because of the fill, I imagine an OG with a sand fill would be awesome as well. Form factor: The smaller size was for sure handier and worked great...
  16. hic28

    Pint Sized Game Changer

    Gonna use it tomorrow in our monthly match. I’ll give an update compared to the OG version tomorrow night
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