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    My guess is some steroids were used as well as a ton of hard work

    What a waste of what was once a nice looking lady
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    Mission BBQ

    Any of you Texas guys ever been to Franklin’s? Guy on pitmasters owns it?
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    WTS Winchester Supreme Sporting O/U 12Ga

    Bump for a fine shotgun
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    Man's Best Friend Thread

    Every time I look at this site my allergies act up.
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    Man's Best Friend Thread

    Miss Every dog I’ve ever had
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    SOLD!! Forster 6.5 Creedmoor die set Benchrest FL and seating die +++new pricing++SOLD

    Send me your counter. I’ll take it. 😄 and how you want to be paid
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    Foul Mike needs Guidance

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    GA Precision 6.5 SAUM $3000

    Good deal on a gap rifle bump
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    Part of the Gun Digest Family

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    It's Good to be an American

    Do you think Kid has sex with any regularity?!😂😂
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    They aren't evil, just misunderstood....

    Yeah, what does them being vegans have anything to do with it? Weird
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    Wilson Tactical Supergrade

    Man I want this !! Bump
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