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    Need a sr25 Gunsmith

    Marvin Pitts/Nefarious Arms Marvin used to work for KAC.
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    Geissele Super 700?

    Yeah...even though it's Geissele, we're to the point now where I'm not confident in being in on the first batch. I pre-ordered, cancelled, considered re-ordering and have since resolved to a "wait and see" stance on this trigger.
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    Who has built a "do it all" rifle?

    I built my "dream gun" which was to be a more or less "do-all" shorty 308. I loved the idea of the gun, and the size and weight, but it was more or less a failure. The Tempest action didn't play nice with my ammo/brass; I didn't dig the Tubb trigger...I spent more time fighting the gun than...
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    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    Oh hell yeah! I was having trouble deciding on my first non-AI 2-stage for a build in the works. Looks like I found my answer.
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    AI Comp Trigger

    I'm to understand that X-Treme (maker of the mod 22) are involved with this, correct?
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    WTS: Mantis X Training system -SOLD

    If you're unfamiliar: Less than 1 month old; like new with all packaging and accessories $140 shipped USPS Priority
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    Longest you've lobbed a 5.56 Gas Gun?

    880 yards in 30+mph FV winds (800ft above sea; 40F) on 16x20" but only 25% hit ratio. Black Hills Mk262 running 2780 fps out of 18" barrel. General rule: 800y is about the max for my 18" gun for anything over 60% or above in normal conditions on nothing shy of 12x12" (1.5 MOA) 700y plus maybe...
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    WTS: Really Right Stuff 34mm, 1.5" 0MOA Uni-Block mount - TRADED

    Like new, with box, level, instructions and mount. 34mm, 1.5" height, 0moa cant. TRADED w/ snipers4dummies
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    Shorty 6.5: Creed or x47?

    Nice thing about the Lapua seems to be plenty of good loads with Varget; thus, not being so dependent upon H4350 supply. I'm not fully into reloading yet, but the 6.5CM factory stuff is losing its novelty. I've had one barrel that loves the Winchester stuff (and it's cheap). The next barrel...
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    SOLD: Sterk Gen 2 Shroud and AI style bolt handle for Tikka

    All parts are brand new in packaging...just decided to go another route than a Tikka base. and had these parts on order. - Sterk Gen 2 shroud (black) - $105 - Sterk shroud decocking tool - $12.50 - Sterk "AI style" Swept-back ball bolt handler (Right hand) - $100 USPS MO or discreet Paypal...
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    carbine class gear - Help!

    I love classes...all the average joe's wanting wanting to play in full kit, and all the professionals wanting to dress slick like the average joe...everybody's playing dress up. I've become a fan of the below and a good rigger's belt and adding the shingles as needed for the class design (which...
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    WTS: Ashbury Precision Ord. RSTA II Tripod throw-lever ball head $295

    Used but in excellent condition. Some finish wear on the edges of the latch. $295 shipped (Paypal gift or USPS MO) I also have a Larue SPOTR LT666x06-ADP Adapter mount QD (1913 Pic) available that I can add for an additional $50
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    Bump TTT
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    Good Guy List

    Have to say the same for Duc; he's GTG. I wish all transactions could go the way ours did.
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