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  1. winniethepooh

    Mixed reports on Vortex Razor AMG rifle scope

    I replaced my pm2 with an AMG and couldn’t be happier. It’s currently residing on my AI and I wouldn’t hesistate to take to hell and back. The turrets are amazing and it has better illumination. From here on out all my reticles will have a floating dot. Only gripe is it isn’t as clear as the SB.
  2. winniethepooh

    PWS built spec M40A1 w/ USO MST100 ***Back up***

    Keep the trades coming!!!!
  3. winniethepooh

    Retical view

    I just clicked on this thread and I have a feeling someone benches 275....
  4. winniethepooh

    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    Hit the 300 yard line today
  5. winniethepooh

    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    Reminds me of two girls one cup
  6. winniethepooh

    Anybody road bike?

    I explored that option but felt I would get a better deal on cl for something used with better components
  7. winniethepooh

    Nightforce ATACR™ 4-16x50 F1 and SHV 3-10x42

    Finally. I’m in for the atacr
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