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  1. Fig

    Somewhat snipery STEN

    When I was in my 20s they were the cheapest class III you could buy. My girlfriend’s dad had one and he would let me shoot it at their cabin. That’s the first full auto I ever shot. It was an early (1942?) one and the welds on it, especially the skeleton stock, were rough. The whole thing...
  2. Fig

    Which bino mount for tripod?

    I use my Hog Saddel to grab one side of the binos. I could not be more solid.
  3. Fig

    Who Do You Most Look Like?

  4. Fig

    Poisoned Russian double agent+daughter in London

    Assassinations were just part of it. Government abuses power. That’s it’s nature. The more secret the faster and the more egregious the abuse becomes. Bush got his patriot act, and the next administration used it to spy on DJTs campaign, and launch investigations in the service of their...
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    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

  6. Fig

    Mixed reports on Vortex Razor AMG rifle scope

    Some people aren’t happy unless they’re bitchin’.
  7. Fig

    Who Do You Most Look Like?

    They’re sensitive too.
  8. Fig

    Who Do You Most Look Like?

  9. Fig

    looking mighty snipery to me

    What a load of horse shit. The use of .22s to shoot terrorists encourages more terrorism? What a stupid fuck. They should use missiles instead of .22s and vaporize the fuckers.
  10. Fig

    Good Grief: Muppet TMI

    Rod and Ricky. Real gay puppets. Leave Ernie and Bert alone! To a communist EVERYTHING is political, and EVERYTHING is in the service of ideology. If you don't give a fuck about individuals or individual rights why would you care about protecting the innocence of children? It would be in...
  11. Fig

    Dichroic Reticles

    I find illuminated scopes with large objective lenses, on the low power settings, allow me to clearly see the game and center the reticle where I want it during the predawn or after sunset. I'm not saying this isn't useful and kewl, but it's not suddenly a solution to an unsolved problem in the...
  12. Fig

    Space Force

    Baja is gorgeous and very unpopulated. California is gorgeous for that matter. It would be paradise without the 90% of the population who are commie fucktards.
  13. Fig

    Space Force

    Fuck that. I'm not rebuilding Mexico.
  14. Fig

    Putin shows off sniper skills firing Kalashnikov rifle

    He's a scheming schemer, KGB thug. He's plenty dangerous, but I think Trump is his match easily head to head. Seeing as how Putin is the dictator of a regional power and Trump is the leader of the free world at the head of the world's sole superpower, Putin don't scare me.
  15. Fig

    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    If he were a hard ass dad (the good kind) who wasn't made of money she probably would have a job and a life. He's pulled all sorts of strings and gotten her incredible gigs, but nothing has lasted. As it is she travels and he funds her rolling party/movable feast. I hope she either figures it...
  16. Fig

    Putin shows off sniper skills firing Kalashnikov rifle

    If he took his shirt off he'd have hit 5 of 5. In a world of massive John Kerry style pussies, Putin is kind of a badass.
  17. Fig

    "It's People!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    goofy movie. had it's moments...
  18. Fig

    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    It's not her, but it's uncanny. I never noticed because of the hair, but as a blond it's her twin. I showed her father and he thought it was her too. She's a few years older now, but that's her in her early 20s. If it fooled her dad I don't feel so bad for making the mistake.
  19. Fig

    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    It's almost like they're asking Aunt Tiffa to commit suicide... I think its a 100%, no question, slam dunk life threatening situation. When you carry a deadly weapon and someone attacks you and tries to steal it from you any reasonable person can infer that grave bodily harm is the aim of the...
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