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    iOS 12 updates?

    Thanks ya'll.
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    iOS 12 updates?

    So has anyone installed the new iOS 12 update and had it break any existing ballistic software yet?
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    Form 4 wait time

    It will.
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    Q Suppressors

    Was anything that he said on here disproven? Just curious. I was looking into buying one of their El Caminos.
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    Form 4 wait time

    Individual or Trust?!
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    Form 4 wait time

    Form 4 Trust - 1 person ATF cashed check on 1/6/18 Approved 8/7/18 Dealer received stamp 8/13/18. Not clear when they mailed them the check. So overall a little under 8 months.
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    Octane .45 - wire pulling lubricant

    Here was an article recently recommending using ultrasound gel: Might be cleaner.....
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    Mystery Suppressor

    A couple of googles returned this site with a guy mentioning the Abyss model by Phoenix Armory:
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    Any experience with a YHM 7.62 Ultra Light Tactical (ULT)?

    How do you like the Phantom? I bought one (direct thread version) that I'll hopefully have in hand within the next two months.
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    Long range shooting class recommendations!!

    Make sure to come back and let us know how it was like!
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    Long range shooting class recommendations!!
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    Long range courses in South Florida?

    Well if you are going to check out K&M in TN, you are open to more than just South FL LOL I can recommend the guys over at CORE ( in the panhandle. There are others I have researched but not taken classes with yet: Okeechobee Shooting Sports -...
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    Long Range Shooting course in WA

    Taught by Satterlee: I've seen these guys post classes before:
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    Picking a .30 cal can, too many choices

    I got one of their direct thread Phantom Ti waiting for a stamp. Hopefully it will be here within 3 months.
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    Rangefinder tripod

    Because the morons didn't put a mount on the Sig Kilo 2000, I just used a dab of some construction adhesive, slapped a nut on the bottom, let it dry, and then use it on a basic camera mount such as this: Easy peasy.
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    Anyone shot any Q company 30cal silencers

    Kevin, Is the El Camino rated for .22 WM? Didn't see is specifically mentioned on your site. Thanks.
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    Any users of FFS still out there?

    Fairly knew to shooting but it seems it is mentioned quite a bit when dealing with ELR, together with Cold Bore. But for most of us constrained to shooting at much shorter ranges other apps such as Strelok, BallisticsArc, Shooter, Trasol, Ballistic AE, Hornady 4DOF, and AB all suffice as they...
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    What's up with shooting suppressor wet?

    Ok, thanks. It is light and short so I guess the compromise was the "requirement" to be wet.
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    What's up with shooting suppressor wet?

    Are you saying the Bowers ASP 45 can't be shot dry? Thanks.
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    What's up with shooting suppressor wet?

    Was watching this review of a Bowers can recently and NFA Review Guy mentioned (at the 7:20 mark) that firing wet could cause a baffle strike. So he says how to spread the wiring pull gel around. Anyone with any experience on that? I've never shot one of mine wet. I doubt if everyone would...
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