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    Custom 300 Win Mag

    I thought I would try shooting right handed with a left handed gun and don’t like it, so this is for sale. Remington 700 lh action blueprinted, bolt fluted, sako extractor installed. McMillan hunter stock green tan black swirly camo. Bedded to the action. HS Precision stainless cut rifled...
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    22 creedmoor

    Anyone experience their barrel speeding up after about 150rds? My load development is driving me crazy! I thought I had a load ready for an upcoming PRS match and now instead of average 3188 FPS it is running 3285 and is over the speed limit.
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    22 creedmoor

    For what it’s worth I’m using the new gunwerks 6 creedmoor Brass necked down
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    22 creedmoor

    I’ve just started loading for my 22creed. I’ve got an 20” 8 Twist Shilen barrel. I’m getting 3200+ with 43gr RL26 and the 88gr eldm. Accuracy is not very good. Right around 1 moa. I’m planning to use the rifle in a match and they cap the speed at 3200 SIBI can’t go any faster. I’m my initial...
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    First PRS Practice recommendations

    Thanks that was some good info
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    First PRS Practice recommendations

    I’m shooting at my first PRS match at the end of next month and I’d like to get out and practice at least twice before the match. What would you experienced shooters recommend? I have access to tons of pallets I plan on using for barricades. Any specific drills that will help?
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    SOLD For sale M110 SASS copy in .223

    I built this rifle from parts collected over the course of three years. As a result I don’t remember what I paid for each part but it’s taken me a while to put this rifle together. I wanted to make as close to a clone of a KAC M110 as I could. I couldn’t afford $6k for a real one so I decided to...
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    Yard sale. Nylon gear, brakes, rings, a little bit of everything.

    I’ll take #11. TPS rings #13. Picatinny rail and #14. Harris bipod top
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    Made a Rear bag

    That’s a cool idea, I think I paid $10 for the can of airsoft bbs and it used all of them and could have used a handful more.
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    Made a Rear bag

    It is a little heavy but not any more than a rice bag of the same size. As for stability it seems to works quite well, and provide a nice solid feel if you do your job setting things up well, if I’m lazy and just try to rush the shot by squeezing the bag too much it isn’t the greatest, but all...
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    Talk to me about installing my own barrel

    I never heard anything else from him. I’ll send you a pm
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    The AR15 Picture Thread

    Here’s another 80% lower build
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    The AR15 Picture Thread

    Here’s one I built on an 80% lower.
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    Mdt 223 magazines FDE

    I’ll take them both
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    McMillan Remington lh sa stock

    Sorry I should have marked it sold
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