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    SR-25, am I buying a name or true performance?

    I feel like I can contribute a little here. I was the proud owner of a Daniel Defense DD5V1. It shot very well, sub MOA for multiple groups. Made hits out as far as a .308 could. I even competed with it in a gas gun PRS match. Topped with a NF SHV 4-14 F1, it was a damn fine rifle. Then, my...
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    Spuhr mount, need a second scope level??

    I have one on my AI holding a S&B 5-25. I can see the level in my left eye. Never been an issue for me. I ass u med it was made to be used that way.
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    .257 Cartridge for Precision Rifle Comps

    I have a Weatherby .257 that mostly sits in the safe now. Too expensive to shoot against the 6.5CM and .308’s. BUT..... that rifle killed like Thor’s hammer. Killed an Elk and a Mule deer buck in Colorado. Have taken several 400-500# hogs with it. I absolutely love Accubonds through it...
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    Need shooting advice ! Please !

    Agree with above post. I’ll try to help a little. 13 shots is VERY hard to maintain perfection at 300 yds. There are a boatload of tiny things it “coulda been”. ANYONE here that tries to help is just spitballin’. The gist is: you had a flyer. It happens. My suggestion, and I’m not trying to...
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    how often do you clean your SPR's barrel?

    I shoot pretty much every day. That’s not bragging, that’s fact. BUT, I’m a full time instructor, and I work on a 2500 acre range. IF I cleaned every time I shot, I’d be in the armory every night. My rifles are far more likely to be lubed up when I pull them out of the gun locker, and shot at...
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    What are you guys running for ammo in 6.5 Creedmoor gas guns?

    I have excellent results with Hornady 147 ELD-M out of my GAP-10. I have handloaded in the past and can get .5 MOA with carefully crafted loads. Or, I can walk in to Sportsman’s Warehouse, and buy 147’s and go shoot, save several hours, and shoot .6 MOA. FOR ME.... it’s easier to just buy off...
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    Looking to buy AR10 cal 7mm-08

    I would absolutely call George at GA Precision and ask about a GAP-10. They do about everything in the .308 bolt face family with that rifle. They have calibers listed, then it says “custom orders.” I have a GAP-10 G2 in 6.5CM and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a hammer. Super reliable, and have...
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    New Vortex Diamondback Tactical line

    Yay.... another cheap Chinese scope with the Vortex name on the sticker. Meh..... don’t see anything exciting about it.
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    Longest you've lobbed a 5.56 Gas Gun?

    850 yds in Vegas. That’s 9.3 mils shooting a Speer 75gr Gold Dot. Don’t remember if it was a 16” or 18” barrel. Was a pretty calm day. I think 1 mil of wind. Scope was NF 1-8.
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    Need Opinions: Low Power Variable

    Ok..... let me break it down: the NXS IS dated. It’s SFP, it’s NOT daylight bright under sunny, desert conditions, it’s a 1-4. There is no way you can compare it to the newer offerings out there. I had one. I shot it. It’s dated by any measure now. I didn’t say it was a bad optic. I didn’t say...
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    Need Opinions: Low Power Variable

    Mine does. 😀😉
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    Need Opinions: Low Power Variable

    The NXS is very dated technology now. The reticles are not as good, and they are no where near daylight bright. I know, I had one. Right now the market is FLUSH with fantastic LPVs. It’s truly the best it’s ever been. It’s very easy to suffer from “Analysis Paralysis”. The questions are all...
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    The LAST scope you'd ever own?

    To answer the OP. I own quite a selection of scopes. From a “tactical” perspective on a .308 bolt gun as you describe, I LOVE my S&B PMII 3-20X50. MTC Mil, H2CMR reticle. It has excellent magnification, sized well for the intended use, tracks as close to perfect as I can tell. Glass is...
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    *JUST RELEASED* Nightforce NX8 FFP 1-8x24mm 30mm Tube & ATACR F1 1-8x24mm 34mm Tube Models

    I have both the ATACR 1-8 and the NX8. I sold the Razor 1-6 to fund the NX8, so I had the Razor for years. You have to understand the limitations of FFP vs SFP to get the differences between the Razor and the NF. The Razor, being a SFP is going to have the bigger appearance when you look...
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    Did I damage my scope?

    On MOST of mine, I go 15 inch lbs. I have never had one slip, turn, etc. the exception is on ARC and they tell you to go MUCH tighter than I normally would. I go, per their specs, on my ARC mount. That’s the only mount I go that tight on. To the OP: I can’t imagine that a USO could be hurt at...
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    6 Creedmoor: New Aero DPMS Upper vs Ruger Precision Rifle?

    You’re looking at two completely different rifles here. I would say the main thing to answer is what you want to do with the rifle, that may help you decide bolt or gas. As stated before, gas guns are MUCH less tolerant of mistakes than bolt guns are. The TINIEST trigger twitch, the smallest...
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    6.5 Creedmore AR

    I have a GAP-10 in 6.5 CM and I could not be happier with it. It is an an absolute HAMMER. I have shot MANY sub .5 MOA groups with it and Hornady 140 and 147 ELD-M ammo. I’m running a 22” barrel and a S&B 3-20 PMII scope. I have taken this combo out to 1600yds and had decent success. At 1200yds...
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    TOPS Knives

    Long time knife collector, and I have several TOPS knives. On the last day of SHOT Show, they are typically VERY affordable. They are VERY basic 1095 steel, but the heat treat that TOPS does is very good. They extract everything out of that basic steel. I think the ONLY criticism I have of TOPS...
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    Magwells on Service Pistols

    I run them on almost every pistol I own. 21 year Officer and a full time instructor. That’s not to say every dept allows it, but we certainly do. I can’t see any reason not to allow them. It certainly doesn’t do anything to make the pistol less safe, nor does it deactivate any safety features...
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