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    Trying to locate someone

    I am trying to get in touch with a guy that I served with. I don't do Facebook. Any ideas or best way to get contact information?
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    Picture test

    Trying to figure out pictures with tapatalk Sent from my E6782 using Tapatalk
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    Cameraland NY

    I made a purchase with this company last week. They were fantastic to deal with. Knowledgeable staff and very helpful with questions. They called me to say my credit card was denied and when they entered a second card it was also denied, they were very understanding. I called my credit card and...
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    VA fix

    Without getting into the politics have you an idea of how better to serve veterans? My thoughts: 1. Hire the unemployed vets to go thru that stack of waiting claims. 2. Any vet with a service related disability should be able to walk into any doctors office, hospital, rehabilitation or...
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    My Ohio buck

    He was aged at 9 1/2 years weighed 200 lbs. field dressed. I would have liked to seen him at 5 years old. He is all scared up, ears torn up. He is a real trophy in my book. Archery kill at 24 yards.
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    Bank Of America on crack?

    When I started a business 20 something years ago I got a credit card from them. It had a 25k limit and a 7% rate. Come the melt down of 08 and they lose all business sense. I have yet to figure out what is their business sense. Some time in 09 I receive a letter stating they have changed my...
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    Marlin 60w trigger

    I have had this rifle for 20 years or so. It has been a good squirrel and rabbit killer. I been reading the 22 long range thread and thought I would down load a target or two and see how it does at 100 yards. I usually bring it to the range when I am working loads for other rifles and have shot...
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    Jodi Arias

    I guess she was not psychic after all. She predicted that no jury would ever find her guilty. Poor heartless bitch now wants the death penalty than life in prison. Reverse psychology? What a freaking wacko nut job. I say let her rot in a cell in total deprivation of the outside for the rest of...
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    Need a measurement on 308 Go Gauge

    Using a headspace gauge what is the measurement to the datum point ?
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    Electrical shock

    Today it was 90 degrees, the highest temp so far this year. I went on my normal bike ride. Probably pushed it a little harder than normal cuz it was first ride on a new bike. Was sweating pretty good as I rode up the final hill about 8 miles into the ride. Almost at the top of the hill I passed...
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