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  1. Pinmaster

    Mcmillan for short action 70

    What bottom metal will fit?
  2. Pinmaster

    Back story on Mil use of Schmidt and Bender 4-16X42 PMII

    I shoot I shoot 1,000+ about every weekend. I have a 5-25 & a 3-12 SB , both are DT and will go 1k plus. The 4-16 came on my L115A2 so it will stay on there. The 3-12 glass seems the best to me.
  3. Pinmaster

    Back story on Mil use of Schmidt and Bender 4-16X42 PMII

    I have a MKII 4-16x50 .1mil single turn that came with .338LM AI logos. It may have been a test scope for the L115A series of rifles. Great scope, just needs more internal adjustment.
  4. Pinmaster

    Got my 10/22 together.

    Looks really nice
  5. Pinmaster

    How are you using your RCBS Chargemaster

    My CM is on the same bench as everything else. I do load all of the cases before seating them and I do double check each load on separate scale. Everything that plugs in to an AC outlet has an EMI filter attached to it like these...
  6. Pinmaster

    My guess is some steroids were used as well as a ton of hard work

    At 14 instead getting into boy's... she started her journey to looking like a huge man, congrats.
  7. Pinmaster

    Gunsmith in the clarksville/fort campbell area?

    I can't really say if there is anyone "local" to us... Tooter is about a 2.5 hour drive for you.
  8. Pinmaster

    Mk 13 Mod 5 - Gunsmiths?

    AJ Brown Arms -Alan Brown
  9. Pinmaster

    M24 Trigger Alternatives for M40A5 clone?

    The m24 triggers are in "spec" "clone" builds. M24 -rem rebuild kit M40a3 M40A5
  10. Pinmaster

    M24 Trigger Alternatives for M40A5 clone?

    I have 3 m24 triggers. They are for spec builds only. The rem TBA tuned trigger that I took of the last donor action feels better than the m24's that I have.
  11. Pinmaster

    SOLD Original Navy SEAL used Mk13 Mod 0 stock with MIRS rail SOLD

    Great looking set, it would make someone a real nice Mk13 build.
  12. Pinmaster


    I will take it...sending pm
  13. Pinmaster

    Remington 700 Bolt Handle Failures
  14. Pinmaster

    SOLD: Hornady Scale

    I will take it.. PM inbound
  15. Pinmaster

    Dick's takes a beating.

    I hope that they eat a dick and become dust in the wind.
  16. Pinmaster

    Can you say the word "Monkey" any longer

    Hey, hey, we're the Monkees And people say we monkey around - four Racist
  17. Pinmaster

    McCann Industries MIRS

    One for a LA popped up today if anyone is looking
  18. Pinmaster

    SOLD: NIB McCann Industries MIRS rev-b Mk13 M24 LA rail **RARE** (FINAL PRICE DROP)

    Looks like a nice one.... Surely someone needs it for a build.
  19. Pinmaster

    SBGreen0369 is GTG

    SBGreen0369 is a Great guy. I purchased a stock from him and it shipped super fast.
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