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  1. Luke

    Altitude Effects

    Correct - that's the simple and free method, and I highly recommend it, but will not be as precise as getting the actual density altitude for your specific conditions. Fgcook: You'll have to decide if it worth it to use actual condition values, or just get close using theoretical values. If...
  2. Luke

    Altitude Effects

    What they said...get a Kestrel that will give you Density Altitude data, and an app (like Strelok, Applied Ballistics, etc) and it will give you the information you need for varying elevations.
  3. Luke

    What's a good inexpensive backpack for hunting?

    Keep an eye out on all the various forums and get something used. I have bought various high end tactical and hunting backpacks used for right in your price range.
  4. Luke

    First pistol ever, which one??

    It's hard to go wrong with any $500+ modern handgun. Get whichever one feels best to you, and if you have a range nearby that offers rentals it may be worth the $50 or whatever to shoot the ones that top your list, and help you firm up that decision. I'll probably get boo'd out of the room for...
  5. Luke

    Good Pranks

    For a more benign office prank - lower their office chair all the way down, and then put vacuum grease or something equally sticky on the handle.
  6. Luke

    Lefty shooting right handed rifle.

    I'm a lefty and have shot plenty of right handed bolt guns. It can be done effectively, but I really do prefer a left handed bolt so I don't have to break position to cycle the bolt. If you shoot a long action, the bolt will hit your face if you don't break your cheek weld.
  7. Luke

    American Gunner 6.5 creed

    My AI AT likes it a lot. Shoots about 0.3-0.5 MOA groups. For my batch the SD wasn't great and groups kind of fell apart at 1000 yards. At shorter ranges though where the SD wasn't as critical it was hammering. Like some of you mentioned, I wouldn't use it for a match, but for general shooting...
  8. Luke

    Lathe size for R700 work.

    This should do everything you want to do:
  9. Luke

    AI AT 5 round magazines?

    Is there a 5 round AI AT magazine? Looking for one for hunting season, but it appears there is no such thing...
  10. Luke

    SOLD Sig KILO 2200MR

    PM Sent
  11. Luke

    Hornady 147's coming apart...

    I'll have to check my lot number, but I have fired a couple boxes of the 147's without problems. The high BC of the 147's are great for short barrel 6.5CM's.
  12. Luke

    18.5" .308 Barrel vs. 20"

    When I cut my Savage .308 from 24" to 18.5" I only lost something like 15fps per inch. You won't be losing much at all going from 20" to 18.5"
  13. Luke

    WTB Partial Boxes of 6.5 CM

    Hey! I might have just what you need. I recently bought a new barrel and did the same thing you're doing, but have some leftovers. I'll get you more info this evening.
  14. Luke

    Need help to get the proper cheek weld on my AICS 1.5

    My Impact Sport Muffs hit the cheek piece on my AI, but my Peltor's do not hit the cheek piece. I would just get lower profile muffs - changing your entire scope setup just to fix your hearing protection interference problem is kinda doing things backwards.
  15. Luke

    Should I trade my POF towards an MDR?

    It all depends...if you are looking for a semi-auto for a practical application, I would say, yes, there are probably better options out there than the POF. If you like either gun based on the style, design, gives you a warm fuzzy, whatever, that's up to you to decide. I've owned a POF P308...
  16. Luke

    Hit past 1,000 for the first time!

    Looks like it was a good day at CRC!
  17. Luke

    Short barrel 6.5Creed?

    I'm running a 18" 6.5CM with Hornady 147gr ELD-M and it's a hammer. Drops a little more due to slower muzzle velocity, but that has zero effect on making hits.
  18. Luke

    Radio recommendations

    FRS radios from Walmart/Target/Cabelas/Bass Pro, etc. will be the easiest and least expensive option, but range will be seriously lacking. If you want/need better performance amateur (ham) radio will get the job done, but it requires taking a test and getting licensed (easy to do).
  19. Luke

    Defender 6.5 CM 142 gr SMK Match Ammo

    Have you given the Hornady 147gr ELD a try? with a G1 BC ranging from .697 to .637 it will perform better at long range than either the 142gr SMK or the 140gr ELD.
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