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    @Elkkhunter is g2g. Great to deal with and everything was as described and quickly shipped! Thanks again!
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    Tikka T3 Action

    I've got a brand new T3 action that I had stashed away for a build that I'm not going to need now. SA bolt stop in it currently with the 308bf. $475 shipped and insured to your FFL. PP F&F or you pay the fees.
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    Manners PRS1 R700 SA Gen 2 Mini Chassis SOLD

    Brand new, never used PRS1 inletted for R700 SA. Ordered it for a build and now plans have changed. Don't want to sell it but need to free up some cash. PRS1 - Elite Shell Americana matte finish R700 SA RH Short action mini chassis g2 Gap #6 1" pad Flush cups - 2x right and 2x left Badger rail...
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    Spuhr 4011

    Very gently used (still looks new) Spuhr 4011 for sale since I'm changing up one of my scope setups and going back to rings I don't need to keep it sitting around. $350 to your door shipped and insured. PP F&F or you pay the fees.
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    WTB 223AI & 6.5 GAP 4S Redding Dies

    Just got a 223AI and need some dies now. Figured I'd see if someone wants to sell a set of dies before I order a set. Thanks!
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    WTB Accurate Mag 223 & Alpha Type 4

    In need of some magazines and figured I'd check here first. Could use a few 10rd Accurate Mag 223 magazines as well as a few Alpha Type 4 magazines. If y'all have some you want to part with let me know. Thanks!
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    McMillan A5 Adj R700 SA & DBM - SOLD

    Took a stock on trade as a part of a package deal but I'm not going to end up needing it. It's a A5 adjustable cheek that's brand new and will come with a PTG Stealth DBM. Please see the specs of the stock below. Let me know if you have any questions. Looking for $SOLD shipped and insured...
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    Spuhr 4001

    Have a brand new in box Spuhr 4001 that I don't need. Decided to go with 4011's instead. $Sold shipped and insured. PP F&F preferred.
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    Tikka Barreled actions sold

    all sold.
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    Redding 260 Type-S Bushing 3 Die set

    Moving away from 260 so I don't need these sitting on the shelf. Dies in great shape, $150 shipped. Might have the right size bushing for the buyer depending on the size needed.
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    Trim It and Trim It 2

    I've got a Trim It and Trim It 2 that I bought off here a while back and never got around to using. Ended up getting a Giraud as a gift so these aren't needed. Trimmers come with pilots for 260, 6.5x47, 6.5CM and 338 Lapua. $175 plus shipping. PP F&F preferred.
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    Sig P229 Lasermax Grips

    Bipod sold. I've also got a set of Lasermax grips for a Sig P229. Decided I didn't like them and went back to regular grips. In great shape. $150 shipped.
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    Tikka PVA prefit and Shilen 308 blank

    Some of my toy spending has gotten a touch out of hand lately so I've had some stuff for projects stack up that I'm needing to get rid of. Prices are shipped, payment preferred is PP F&F. PVA prefit with barrel nut for a Tikka in 260 Rem. Barrel is 26" and comes with a PVA brake in black...
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    ARC(sold) and Vortex 34mm low rings

    Changed things up and went with a Spuhr mount for a scope and one of the sets of rings were the wrong height. Both sets are in nearly new condition. ARC 34mm 1.10 Medium height - $sold Vortex PMR 34mm 0.92 Low - $100obo shipped
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    KRG Whiskey 3 Fixed Gen 5 R700 - SOLD

    Selling a stock that came with a rifle I recently purchased, luckily enough my new Manners from the group buy is already done so this one needs to go. It's in great shape, no box or paperwork, what you see is what you get. It's coated in a battleworn blue finish, looks sharp in person...
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    Tikka Tac A1 Chassis SOLD

    Seeing if there's any interest in a factory Tikka Tac A1 chassis on here. I bought a rifle with the intent of shooting production class at some point and also having something that would work for my better half a bit better. Turns out going back to school really kills extra time to travel to...
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    JARD Tikka Trigger

    I've got a JARD Tikka trigger, unknown pull weight, super crisp and feels better than going with the upgraded spring on the factory trigger IMO. I just like two stage triggers so I'm switching it out for a Timney two stage. $100OBO
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    All SPF - Timney R700 triggers

    Changing around some trigger setups all triggers have right hand safety, I should have at least two of the bolt release tabs if buyers need them. Prices are shipped to you. 1 Calvin Elite single stage curved trigger - $150 1 Calvin Elite single stage flat trigger - $150 1 Calvin Elite two...
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    Multiple Vortex PST G2 scopes and Precision Matched rings

    Thinning out some stuff from the safe so some glass is going as well. Prices are shipped, PP F&F preferred. All scopes FFP EBR2C reticles and in nearly new shape. First is a 3-15, bought it to go on a hunting gun, had it for maybe 20 rounds so it's nearly damage on it. Comes with...
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    CZ455 FS 17HMR and PWS Summit stocks

    Up for sale are a few things since I'm needing to clean up the basement. Prices shipped OBO to your FFL for the gun, the stocks are priced shipped. Add $25 if your FFL can't take a transfer from an individual. CZ455FS 17HMR - Bought it two years ago because it was a gorgeous gun and I had...
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