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    FS: Steiner p4xi (#5201) with throw lever

    Selling a steiner p4xi (#5201) 1-4x24 scope that also includes the throw lever (so essentially the #5202 model). I got two of these but ended up putting one in a QD mount and moving it between the two intended rifles. The other scope box has only been opened to verify contents. $400 via...
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    FS: Victor Company Titan 10/22 stock and Kidd 20" steel bull barrel

    Want to make my kidd rifle as light as possible so it is easier for the kids to learn to shoot so I am moving to a chassis system and a kidd ultralight barrel. The kidd 20" barrel certainly lives up to their 1/2 inch 50yd group guarantee and I hope the ultralight weight will do the same...
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    (SOLD) Bergara LRP premier series 308, HMR pro

    Having a moving sale as these don't get much use and the house expenses are adding up... These are cross posted so first "I'll take it" is the one I'll go with. Payment would be through DISCREET paypal gift (or add 4%) with nothing in the comments section, or money order/cashier check. Prices...
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    SWFA 1-6 vs. Fixed 6x + red dot reflex sight

    Hey all, new here but I was wondering what are your thoughts on either a SWFA 1-6 or a combination of a SWFA 6x fixed scope with something like a Burris red dot reflex sight? This is for an AR10 set up that I am hoping to use between 25-300yds (I have bad eyes so prefer 6x over 4x/3.5x stuff)...
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