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  1. Gunfighter14e2

    Huntsville Alabama HamFest

    I'm good some evenings any band, just need to know where most everyone lives to pick a band. With fall coming soon, 40 will start working better soon. 20 meters should be good between S-3556 an I but we may be skipping over lots of others that are closer. 30 is all digital, but everyone would...
  2. Gunfighter14e2

    Why do people seem down on Savage rifles?

    Seen this with many. Only group that means anything is 10 shots over ten different days at 10 different locations. Shoot a .25-.50 moa group that way an now your talking about a accurate system (shooter an rifle).
  3. Gunfighter14e2

    Now Animal Crackers has become politically Correct

    Someday stupid will rule this rock.
  4. Gunfighter14e2

    Interesting Perspective Now awaiting the libtards responce,...
  5. Gunfighter14e2

    Optics Planet B/S again

    I hate to say it but, I get much faster shipping from GayBay.
  6. Gunfighter14e2

    Missing Veer G

    Even though our pass time is pissing each other off every so often, I do miss his input.
  7. Gunfighter14e2

    Sub sonic 338 Win mag?

    The 285 is coming from Accurate, when I ordered I never seen the 305/340 ? Well strike that, I may have seen it but with pure WW they say the one I ordered will come out of the mold at 285grs before the gas check an lube.
  8. Gunfighter14e2

    Optics Planet B/S again

    I take people at their word. This is the second time guarantied I would have it in two days. Liers, nothing more, telling lies to get you to buy. I'll revert back to midway, they are 3 days every time w/o issue on std shipping to me. OP baits you in with 2 day to your door from order, totally lies.
  9. Gunfighter14e2

    Huntsville Alabama HamFest

    I doubt radio would go over here. Many other places on the net for small/large group comms.
  10. Gunfighter14e2

    Optics Planet B/S again

    Placed an order, as they said order last time, all the B/S I went threw to get it was a fluke. Same B/S this go round. Ordered, said to be two day, door to door again. It's been a week today. I'll never order from them ever again. Bait an switch operation to me.
  11. Gunfighter14e2

    ARD with straws?

    May, kill the flash cheaply, but I doubt it will do anything if someone scans it with a laser.
  12. Gunfighter14e2

    Interesting read

    I know the truth hurts. Interesting thing is who showed up first.
  13. Gunfighter14e2

    Interesting read

  14. Gunfighter14e2

    Sub sonic 338 Win mag?

    The advantage is, no matter what stick you may leave the house with, it will do everything if need be. I do subs in everything I own, just in case.
  15. Gunfighter14e2

    Which device shows directed energy weapon beams and streamers?

    Not really as either is easy to build as all the parts can be had from Gaybay.
  16. Gunfighter14e2

    Sub sonic 338 Win mag?

    I've done cast subs in a 10 twist 300wm for many years now. Have a 285gr mold on order for my 9 twist 338LM that should be here in about 2 weeks or so. Projo nose an tail design dictates twist required. The shorter the nose the less twist required. A 175 smk in a12 twist at sub speed will start...
  17. Gunfighter14e2

    Which device shows directed energy weapon beams and streamers?

    In the right hands with a little smoke an 4 mirrors it could make Frank taller.
  18. Gunfighter14e2

    Maxine Waters hit by truck.

    When are the powers to be an others here going to see this for what it is? There are those here who only know what to post about shooting by getting all their shit/so call knowledge from the net. Where an with who do they shoot with? They are here for one reason an one reason only to sour the...
  19. Gunfighter14e2

    How to secure the Presidential elections.

    interjecting logic into a conversation with any damnorat, libtard, SWJ or whatever you what to call the left, is akin to trying to make a snowball, in hell. They don't have any common sense, nor do they want any spoken around them. Their world is going to shit (aka free ride) an they are upon...
  20. Gunfighter14e2

    The left keeps getting more unhinged

    I've said this for awhile, "in confusion there is opportunity" opportunity for who is the question?
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