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    And another illegal commits a crime

    The where, when, and how are not things to be discussed.
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    And another illegal commits a crime

    You stupid fuck, go fuck yourself
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    And another illegal commits a crime

    If it's the last thing I ever do, I will avenge my child should, God forbid, this happens to her.
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    Shooting off of a rope

    I'm pretty new to precision rifle matches so this advice is worth exactly what you're paying for it. I come from a highpower rifle background, where static tension in your position is your friend. The one and only time I've come across the rope, My approach was to take all the slack out of it...
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    Howa 1500 Barreled Action Build

    And a brake And a BoltOn QLK bolt knob
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    Best Wind Reading course?

    Competing in NRA Prone matches (F class or sling) will teach you a shitload about the basics of wind reading and mirage. The combination of discreet (shot value and position) target feedback and having a spotting scope right next to your eyeball to REALLY see mirage (far better than any rifle...
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    Match 308 Ammo

    Then try both of those. My rifle likes the 178 ELD-X better (much better) than the 178 ELD-M, so that's what I load for it.
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    KRG Bravo Chassis

    Yeah, I don't know what you're talking about either
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    Wrist Coaches and Dope Charts. Trying to go calculatorless.

    That little white board is pretty cool. I was at a dive store last week looking at wrist slates but all the diving ones are way too large & bulky. I used to scuba and can't see why you would need to write so much underwater......
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    Hey Morpheus, what if I told that you that the overlap is less than what you think it is and that I am aware of it? You're not the only smart guy in the room.
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    Advice on very durable Optic.

    I bet the OP is laughing his balls off. Troll level = 8
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    Question of Rules/Restrictions for a PRS Match

    Every time that you wonder if something is allowed, say this to yourself: what is not prohibited is permitted. ETA: I'm being 100% serious.
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    Mossberg MVP LR 5.56 NATO bolt diameter

    LOL.......proprietary information that someone with a micrometer can figure out in about 10 seconds.
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    Advice on very durable Optic.

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    How does Hold affect Harmonics and Load Development

    I don't doubt that there is an effect on muzzle velocity from changing how one addresses the rifle. The data doesn't lie. I suspect the mechanics of a system of moving bodies (rifle and bullet, while the bullet is in the barrel) would explain what you measured. The real real question is what...
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    Advice on very durable Optic.

    Oh yeah, I was in from the start on that one. LOL
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