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    WTS/ WTT: Leupold Mk4 6.5-20 M5A2 TMR

    I'm looking to swap optics on my gas gun. Looking to sell or trade my Leupold Mk4 6.5-20 M5A2 TMR scope. I've used this scope several years now on various rifles in various matches. It's functionally fine, but the exterior has the expected wear for a scope that's been used. No major...
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    DD MK18- miserable accuracy

    I love shooting my MK18, but I have an accuracy problem I cannot figure out. This problem has persisted for some time, at least a year I'd say. Would you guys read through things and let me know what I can do to diagnose it? After today, I'm thinking the rifle just flat out hates 55gr ammo. At...
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    Moving to pasco, WA

    So work is relocating me to Pasco, WA, I'm super excited about the move and hope to continue my love for long range shooting up that way. What are the options around southern, WA for ranges to join that offer long range shooting? I already see I need to become a part of the NWPRL to start...
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    Best precision stock

    I'm currently running an LMT MWS with 18" SS barrel, results are mediocre so far but I've been out of the gas game a long time. Part of my trouble is my magpul ACS stock is causing me some discomfort shooting prone. The shape of the buttpad is not an even/ continuously curve, it's got a "bump"...
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    WTB: Surefire MB762SSAL/RE muzzle brake

    Looking for a Surefire MB762SSAL/RE muzzle brake for a Surefire 762SS suppressor. Need 5/8x24 threads for a .308 ar. Let me know if you've got one you'd like to part with. For reference the following link shows that I'm looking for: Thanks
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    WTS: YHM 1913 bipod adapter- bipod sold 6/7/17

    Looking to sell one of my harris BRM-S bipods. The bipod is equipped with a YHM 1913 adapter, this is not a QD mount. Looking to sell this as a package, the only way I'll split is if the bipod sells first. Bipod is in great shape. No trades at this time. Paypal gift payment. Email or PM here on...
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    WTB: Atlas with QD mount

    Good evening, Looking for an atlas bipod with 1913 QD mount, preferably larue or ADM. Not totally familiar with the models, but looking for a 5-9" version. Let me know what you've got. Thanks
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    Distance to the lands

    So I received a hornady overall length gauge this week for use on my 6 cm, the reason are discussed in a separate thread. Now that I've got the tool in and I'm using it in conjunction with my hornady comparator to measure length to the ogive of a loaded round I've got a question. Using a 105...
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    How to tell when barrel is shot out?

    I've got a 6cm that I've run in several PRS matches, I estimate the round count to be in the 1000 ball park. Now I know 6cm is supposed to be hard on barrels, but I'm not sure how to tell when one is shot out, as I've never experienced it before. I had the rifle chambered for, and have shot...
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    SOLD WTS: .308 FN SPR A5M TBM 24" **7/27/17 Rifle is SOLD**

    I no longer have a need for a 308 bolt gun, and never really shoot this rifle anymore. Due to that, I'm looking to find a new home for this rifle. Rifle: FN SPR A5M TBM 24" .308 rifle round count: unknown, but I'd estimate in the 3000-3500 range. Still in the bone stock configuration, except...
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    WTS: USO 5-25 mil/ mil **SOLD**

    I'm looking to sell my USO 5-25. I got this scope new late last summer, I've used it occasionally since then. I'd say no more than 500 rounds fired under this scope. It's been in 2 sets of rings, light ring marks from the first set, I assume light ring marks from the current rings but I'm not...
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    Removing LMT MWS bolt catch

    The bolt catch on my MWS has started flopping around freely, no spring pressure against it. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I need to get this fixed as the bolt gets caught about every other round. Tonight I found an allen wrench the correct size for the screw in the bolt catch, but I...
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    FN SPR re barrel to 6mm

    I am thinking I want to have my FN SPR A5M re barreled into 6mm creedmore, but I don't know where to start. Does any one know who could provide me with a 6mm CM barrel for my FN SPR? What twist would be needed to shoot the 105 or 115 gr bullets? Who would you suggest do the work on an...
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    Digital scale info

    So due to a bit of user error tonight my hornady digital scale took a fall and no longer works correctly. I am pretty sure the hornady scale was nothing special, but it got the job done. What digital scale would you suggest to replace it? I am looking at the PACT digital scale that...
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    Do they still make Varget???

    Does anyone have a lead on some varget in stock? I have been keeping an eye on a couple places that carry varget for the past couple of months hoping some would show up in stock, so far no luck. Now I am getting uncomfortably low and need to find some or quit shooting. If we don't have a...
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    Suppressed MWS/ slash buffer question

    I have been running my lmt mws suppressed using for sometime now with my surefire 762ss can. All has been fine except for the ocasional cycling problem that never happens unsuppressed. I received a slash car 10 - xh buffer and .308 carbine spring and I am hoping this will help with my issues...
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    Why is my scope slipping in my rings?

    Went out again today to check my gear over once again for Mammoth and found my scope has slid forward in my rings roughly an 1/8". I noticed between checking zero last week and checking today my poi had moved up .1 mil in the exact same conditions. Checked my dope out to 700yds with what was my...
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    Running the MWS suppressed

    I have an LMT MWS 16" SS with the surefire 762SS can. When I put the can on, the rifle continues to group very well but it has some occasional cycling issues. Every now and then the bolt will ride over the base of the fresh round and then smash into the side of that round as it tries to...
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    D&H Ind .308 SR25 pattern mag

    Has any one had a chance to try the new .308 SR25 pattern magazine from DH industries? I'm interested in giving a couple a try at that price point. I have always had good luck with their .223 AR mags, so I would hope the same holds true for there .308 mags. Link: Widener's Reloading and...
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    6mm barrel smith help

    I am looking to get either a .243 or 6CM barrel for use in my lmt mws. I have found several makers, Hart and Lija to be specific willing to send me a barrel unthreaded and unchambered. The problem I am having is finding a smith to thread, chamber and drill a gas port. Does any one have a...
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