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    WTB Accuracy International 30mm scope mount

    Looking to buy a 28 moa cant 30mm or 34mm with reducers. Looking to spend $80 shipped.
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    FS/FT: Accuracy International FDE AW/AE 1.5 stock sides

    I have a set of skins that I am going to sell. I replaced them because I really did not like the cutout anymore. The sides are used but not abused. The last user shaped them this way for barriers. Luckily I was able to find a replacement (Thanks to Mile High Shooting). I am thinking $100 shipped?
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    My .243 rocks......recipe

    Looks like your in PA, at first i was thinking you would have to be in a higher elevation to get that kind of speed but I get what your saying with the length of the rounds though. For now I am probably just going to keep my load what it is. Just sold some H1000 to a friend but may play at some...
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    My .243 rocks......recipe

    I thought 43.5 was max load for H4831? However, I do see where your rounds are very long compared to the 2.63" C.O.L. I am making. Your COL is about what I have my .308's at. Mine just shot so well with the first load I put together that I have not even played with the seating depth.
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    My .243 rocks......recipe

    I texted the guy I bought it from. The barrel is a SAC 1:8 twist barrel. Dang Heytonyman: that is moving.
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    Anyone still use reflex suppressors, Allen Engineering AE30

    I have two AEM5's (30 cal versions) that I run on various caliber rifles. I love them. It would be nice to be able to direct thread them sometimes though.
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    .243 Remington

    I am shooting 105's to 1250 from a SAC 1:8 twist with no issues very nice groups. I have a 26" barrel.
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    AW home barrel job, 6.5CM

    That's awesome... Great Job!
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    WTS or Trade : 2014 AIAT .308 barrel with or without the AI brake

    lowered price cause I was asking too much.
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    WTS or Trade : 2014 AIAT .308 barrel with or without the AI brake

    I have a couple Accuracy International barrels in .308 and figure I will sell this one of anyone is interested, This is a Black a 24" AT barrel for a 308 with the (M18x1.5) Accuracy International Brake on it. I bought this as a backup for my AW or one of my AE's but have plenty and the .308's...
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    WTS High Caliber Sales Mk12 Mod 1 w/accessories (optional)

    Bump.. Have the same upper, Mine is an absolute tack driver!!
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    My .243 rocks......recipe

    I am not 100% sure who made the barrel. I believe the twist is 1 in 9 but to be totally honest I have forgotten. Sorry. I can measure it when I get home.
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    My .243 rocks......recipe

    2992 fps.... 26” barrel. Hey Pinmaster... lol
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    My .243 rocks......recipe

    I bought a barrel on here for my AW a while back from another hide member. I shot a few rounds thru it then changed back to my 6.5cm barrel. I decided to play around with the .243 a little more. I have some Hornady .243 brass. Bought some Hornady 105gr HPBT with 41 gr of H4350. Primer is a...
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    MK12/SPR Optic

    I run a Leupold MK 4 MR/T 2.5–8×36 Illum with the MK12 mod 1 turret. I shoot mine out to 750 with positive hits. Hard to see the hits with only the 8x but I can hear them fine. For the money the scope is dead on with the 77 grain black hills ammo.
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    Spotting your shots at 1k with 6mm?

    I am shooting .243 out to 1000 and 1250 and see my hits just fine on steel. Actually I see these hits easier than the 6.5 CM hits at this range.
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