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  1. TheGerman

    Your tax dollars at work

  2. TheGerman

    World Cup

    Whatever. I'd still make international relations.
  3. TheGerman

    Little Girl Candidate From Westchester Co. Embarrasses Herself Yet Again

    Nothing 25 cents couldn't fix.
  4. TheGerman

    I would rather have the Abrams

    It's just chamber pressure. They make it sound like a new 15lb gun is going to lob a tank round or something. I foresee them doing the same tired trial and error process that looks something like: Lets do caseless ammo! Failed. Lets try 6.8/6.5 Grendel! But muh supply chain/cost of new...
  5. TheGerman

    Do you Compete or just like to shoot?

    There's an Ernest Hemingway quote that perfectly outlines how I feel about competition shooting.
  6. TheGerman

    Complete Polish RPD Kit, DSA rcvr, Shaw bbl, drum

    Does anyone make a binary trigger for this?
  7. TheGerman


    Oh fuck me.
  8. TheGerman

    What did you want

    Sexual Tyranasauraus Mission Accomplished
  9. TheGerman

    Anyone have a KAC Hi Rise mount I can borrow?

    Yeah I was just doing the math on it. The mount is the KAC QD Aimpoint mount with both spacers in, which says it puts the center of the T1 at 1.525. The KAC Hi Rise says its at 2.33. So to mimic the Hi Rise, using the .725 spacer would put me at 2.275 which is close enough as far as a quick...
  10. TheGerman

    Anyone have a KAC Hi Rise mount I can borrow?

    Stryker: That only rises it .275; the KAC T1 aimpoint mount I have already puts it up higher than that. The Hi Rise is 2.33 according to the description. I think this is where the Hi Rise comes in because as retarded high as it looks, it puts the T1 high enough so when you have an ANVIS or...
  11. TheGerman

    Should I trade my POF towards an MDR?

    In for the inevitable, 'Should I trade my MDR towards a KAC EMC?' thread.
  12. TheGerman

    Dont Buy A Christensen Arms!!!

    I may have missed where you said what stock it was, but is that a HS Precision stock? If it is, I know what went wrong and its a mix of the stock was fucked up directly from HS Precision as the out of round, out of spec channel is a very common occurrence with them as well as whoever bedded...
  13. TheGerman

    World Cup

    Anybody but Brazil. Yay.
  14. TheGerman

    Anyone have a KAC Hi Rise mount I can borrow?

    I've been shooting people at night (dont worry, theyre still alive). They see the laser/illum from my PEQ15 because they have nightvision too so my advantage goes to shit unless I'm shooting at them with a bolt gun and PVS30 where there is no active illum/laser to aim. Was curious about passive...
  15. TheGerman

    Anyone have a KAC Hi Rise mount I can borrow?

    Are you talking about the mount for the PVS14? I actually need the mount for the T1 because the PVS/ANVIS is all helmet mounted. Mounting a PVS to the gun is not going to help me :P
  16. TheGerman

    Anyone have a KAC Hi Rise mount I can borrow?

    Well let me know if you're still looking. I can freight my 458 to you for a bit. IM me for paypal address for the freight to get it to you, I think it'll be somewhere around 8k depending where you live.
  17. TheGerman

    WTF a win for the First and the Second Amendment in one ruling.....

    And I'd wreck them with 1 gun a few mags and 1-2 other people. Just because you have 50 guns doesn't mean you're 50 times better all of a sudden. Failure is still failure.
  18. TheGerman

    Will my retarded DIY equipment idea actually work?

    Yeah but you're like 85 pounds and sleep in a rice paddy.
  19. TheGerman

    Anyone have a KAC Hi Rise mount I can borrow?

    Wanted to try something out with ANVIS 9, a single PVS14 and dual PVS14s since I have all 3 setups. Was curious about something with the Hi Rise but wasn't willing to bet 230$ on something that may not work the way I am thinking it may/may not. Would like to borrow one to try, and if you were...
  20. TheGerman

    Hornady 147's coming apart...

    77g Nosler CC's had this problem way back. Don't remember what it was exactly, but something with over a certain velocity and twist the jackets basically spun off.
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