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  1. Stpilot12

    Which Rear Bag Would You Recommend (PRS)?

    Prolly the best thing you can do is get with some guys that have a variety of bags and try them, if possible. There's a lot of "personal Pref" with these bags. I prolly have 8 or so different bags, some for different rifles in different sizes. I prefer the TAB gear bags overall for a...
  2. Stpilot12

    So, what about Leupold Mark 5 ?

    For a 6.5CM to do what?? My current dope is 10.0 mil to 1225 yards. How far are you looking for??
  3. Stpilot12

    Steel thickness

    Guys, get away from using chain and get some fire hose. You can shoot the living shit out of them and they don’t fail.. Hit up some local firehouses, they throw the old shit away by age or when they have blow outs.. I’ve prolly picked up 200’ over the years that way..
  4. Stpilot12

    Hunting for Data .300WM Retumbo 225gr ELD

    PM this guy @Bigwheels I believe he was shooting this combo a while back.
  5. Stpilot12

    35mm, 36mm Scope Levels. Who wants some?

    I’m in for a 35mil or 2..
  6. Stpilot12

    Primer pockets

    Virgin brass right out of the box, yes.. And I have taken SOME material out!! After that, I never touch them again....
  7. Stpilot12

    Caption this photo

    Trump: "I'm so touching myself tonight"
  8. Stpilot12

    Caption this photo

    "Seriously! Hillary lifted up her skirt and it was like THIS!! Look like Damn Chewbacca with a head injury!!"
  9. Stpilot12

    New AMP Annealer Mark II to be released soon

    Yeah, youre right.. Its an amazing gizmo and I was gonna get it either way. I'm just being whiney. Im gonna go drink a glass of "shut the hell up" and sign up for some overtime at work. :)
  10. Stpilot12

    6.5 Creedmoor

    Its funny, 42.3 and 42.5 also shot really well. Hardly any change in velocity, SD around 5-7 1/2" groups, then 42.7 went to shit, with some pressure signs. I think we got a good solid node there. Better than what I expected from the tiny little Tikka barrel.
  11. Stpilot12

    New AMP Annealer Mark II to be released soon

    Yeah ouch... it was painful. BO, is that Backorder or Bendover?? ;)
  12. Stpilot12

    Leica 2400 R

    At that price point thats a hell of a unit! I love my 2700 but I don't use / need the ballistics at all. Just curious, Is the beam divergence the same as the 2700?
  13. Stpilot12

    6.5 Creedmoor

    Give Reloader 16 a try if youre looking for more speed. Im using 42.4gr with 147 ELD and getting 2650 out of a 20" Tikka CTR (Lapua brass)
  14. Stpilot12

    New AMP Annealer Mark II to be released soon

    Cool.. When did you backorder yours?
  15. Stpilot12

    Jump to lands for...

    I've had good luck with the 147ELD's from .015 to .030.. Its not real finicky, depends on the rifle.
  16. Stpilot12

    New AMP Annealer Mark II to be released soon

    Yeah... I pulled the trigger on the backorder idea. We'll see how that goes.
  17. Stpilot12

    Silynx clarus pro

    Ive been using one for a couple years.. I really like it. The main reason I went with it is for using comm radios. Yes, you can turn the hear thru audio off. It has 4 levels of audio level low, med ,high and holy shit that's freakin loud! (and off, of course) Easily adjustable, which is...
  18. Stpilot12

    Steel thickness

    Yes.. I have several 1/4" pcs, even have some AR400 1/4" They ring nice and loud!
  19. Stpilot12

    Universal recap for small flag hole

    Sinclair comes with multiple pins, small enough for Lapua small flash holes.
  20. Stpilot12

    Will my retarded DIY equipment idea actually work?

    Yeah, make it long enough that your body weight holds it in place and it will work. Not stupid....
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