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  1. softcock

    Never pays to get involved .

    Local here a couple days ago . .
  2. softcock

    Desert Tactical, Bolt Pouches .

    Desert Tactical, Bolt Pouches . for Sale ( just a heads-up ) . These Bolt pouches are 'specific' made only for D.T. Bolts . 1000 denier Cordura all Nylon inside and outside, padded, Rugged built and sewn to last . Desert Tac. Bolt are NOT an industry standard in Bolt...
  3. softcock

    Goliath . season 2

    Goliath . season 2 For those that did see 1st season, Just a heads-up on long awaited ( Season 2 ) being on Amazon prime . 1st season was real good, and I been waiting patiently for this return season to finally get here . I caught the first few episodes and it looks so far to be another...
  4. softcock

    Suppressor Carry Pouches .

    Have not put these up for a while . . Suppressor Carry Pouches . Field Pack Carry, and Protect . Made to any size suppressor . From Rimfire .22 to .50 Cal . Rugged and quality Nylon outer shell and nylon lined inside . . PAL's webbing/malice clip on back panel for secure connection to your...
  5. softcock


    Kodachrome .. streaming out on Netfix now . Ed Harris is just solid in this one also . It all-around good start to finish, 'familiar' story line, but they did it right and made it worth the watch . .
  6. softcock

    new, .50 Cal. / 20-Round Field Packs

    These .50 Cal. 20-Round field packs are a all new design . With convenient carry handles and full zipper enclosed . Design to unzip and open/lay out, having 20-Rounds to grab and feed . Field Pack will easy accommodate COAL of 6+ inch, for handloading using those heavy solids . Each individual...
  7. softcock

    Bosch / Season 4

    Heads-up for those watching the series . Bosch, Season 4, is started on Amazon prime . It still best LE crime drama series going . .
  8. softcock

    The Ballad of Lefty Brown

    The Ballad of Lefty Brown - 2017 (western) Cast .. Bill Pullman - Tommy Flanagan - Peter Fonda - Kathy Baker directed- Jared Moshe Caught it on ( Amazon Prime ) the other night but not sure of other Blu ray venues it playing on . Can't say much other than it not flashy modern western , It...
  9. softcock

    ' The Missing ' . Season # 1, and # 2

    ' The Missing ' . Season # 1, and # 2 Watched it on STARZ .. ( amazon prime ) . I watched season 1 last week, and then season 2 this week . I don't know how I missed this one till now, it is really solid, and If your into the good Crime, Drama/physiological thriller . Both seasons 1 & 2 are...
  10. softcock

    Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

    Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri It is pretty good and worth the watch, with Good solid cast . Some dark humor and some serious subject matter mixed into it . Was released Dec. 2017 a few months back . - -
  11. softcock

    Altered Carbon

    Altered Carbon Netflix, Feb. 2018 / science fiction . Released couple days ago, and created off 2002 novel of same name . Individual personal taste of SciFi is wide range, but been threw first couple episodes and is playing well so far and will finish it out . - -
  12. softcock

    What happened ???

    What happened ? . I opened it up and it all turned to ? In the SHcom Scopes Forum . All topics from 12:17 AM to 12:51 AM .. 1st and into the 2nd page, turned and all looks like Chinese ? - - {"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"https:\/\/\/vTkdadS.jpg"} -
  13. softcock

    NV Helmet, Carry Bags - ( with new changes added )

    NV Helmet, Carry Bag 1000 denier Nylon Cordura both inside and outside . high density foam padding throughout . total circumference Zipper close-Lid . Elastic AA-Battery keeper . Also with 'Large' zipper pocket on back-side of bags closing Lid . and Buckle webbing, Carry Handle . Built rugged...
  14. softcock

    NSW hogs

    Don't know if this been posted here ? . was put-up on the Net. on ( Dec, 16 - 2017 ) Looks like there a lot of hogs in NSW side of the continent . .
  15. softcock

    night and morning, meteor shower

    ( Geminid meteor shower ) . tonight threw morning dark hours . Seen some good ones after midnight this morning with the NV . Dressed warm, leaned back in a lawn chair to make easy on the neck . . .
  16. softcock


    Godless . Netflix production . ( Western ) , started streaming couple days ago . Finished it and your going to want to catch this one . . 7 Hour Mini Series, . The last 1-Hour:40 min. episode is worth the wait . -
  17. softcock

    .50 BMG, 20-Round, Field Carry Bags

    For the .50 cal. shooter . You Will Not Find A Finer Design . Field Rugged, 100% Nylon/1000 denier inside and out . Plush Padded, hardcore #10 zipper closure . All 20 Rounds are individually held snug and secure in this pack, Total enclosed silent' carry, no rattle . ( color: Desert Tan ) 50-$...
  18. softcock

    American Gods

    American Gods ( Amazon/Starz ) Slow building, in parts it is bizarre, weird, full of symbolism . But it is a very good watch. .
  19. softcock


    Wheelman . . 2017, Netflix Film Watch It . Just out. Netflix film production . Fast Driving, Guns . What's not to like ? .
  20. softcock

    Tin Star

    TIN STAR . . Amazon, and it started streaming end of Sept. this year . It is pretty Good and gets moving after a few episodes . it is not going to be one of Amazons big blockbuster series, but still pretty solid entertaining . Stars Tim Roth . but for a little added color . also, has the crazy...
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