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  1. softcock

    Help ya sleep at night

    - I guess it could not get any worse . We should let those guys handle larger weights of plutonium next week, so they can get redemption from there failed act of not securing and letting this smaller weight amount getting stolen .... LOL .
  2. softcock

    The military is pretty impressive but....

    That Chinook did great that high up . Years back ( forget year ? ) there was a rescue attempt and crash on Mt Hood with a HH-60G and did not NOT turn out so great for Heli. or crew . I been up in Swiss Alps in one of those France manufactured high altitude helicopters . I was always under the...
  3. softcock

    So What's The Down Side?

    - HAhahalOL ... the most Hated Stock on the SHcom ... I still got one the old ultimate ' Plaster Blasters ' stock for a Win.70 sitting in the corner of the reloading table for about 15+ years now . I just can't bring myself to be seen in public with it . .
  4. softcock

    Never pays to get involved .

    Local here a couple days ago . .
  5. softcock

    Hexagonal Boron Nitride bullet coating

    - can't wear it off . it a Nano size particle . which is (i think?) 'Nano' is 1/1000 smaller particle than a Micron. size . So once it works into the Micro. surface imperfections of the outer copper jacket, I don't think you can see it or get rid of it . Everyone was used to seeing Moly lube...
  6. softcock

    178gr ELD-X Load Data FINAL TESTING W/ VARGET 6-29

    what he say's above post . My groups all looked like that . using ( 11-24 twist / 24" barrel ) . the ELDx's grouped like your Pic's till I poured more juice to them an bumped over 33 grains of powder . .
  7. softcock

    Unable to Post Images From Mobile

    - that ARcom thread looks to be 2 years old ( 1-2016 ) .. for a imgur bitching ARcom thread . and 'Pre' - the big photobucket fiasco fuckingup with a overnight-unanounsed, 300-$ 'extortion' fee-$ for letting you keep your Pic's and letting you download . When I went to another browser I never...
  8. softcock

    Demetrius Pitts

    Cant talk for anyone else ( but for me ), The FBI's Rep. is about shot to shit lately . I read this , throw-in a paid confidential informant, paired with criminal idiot . My brain just goes automatic cynicism mode . .
  9. softcock

    Danish "Reedumacation" Camps ... It's For the Children!

    at 1.73 birth rate . They will be all Muslim soon enough . being the Muslim Birth rate is 3 to 4.5 . .
  10. softcock

    Demetrius Pitts

    Not saying the guy is Not a lowlife piece of shit and jailbird.. but, just saying .."Low hanging fruit is Easy Pickings" . FBI, they do need all the positive feed they can ' make ' . .
  11. softcock

    Barrel Bags - Bolt Bags .

    Just a heads-up Bump saying , ..." there is now ' DTA ' specific Bolt Pouches " . .
  12. softcock

    Unable to Post Images From Mobile

    Check..check..check -
  13. softcock

    Sewing patterns

    - for learning I would just get here simple patterns to workout like pants or hood jacket over at any retail sew/fabric store to learn . Good she learn and schooled in proper order of completion of panels, different seam allowances, stitch tension, machine working parts ..etc. Then work her into...
  14. softcock

    5.10 Whisper /12.7X48 build

    he Did dig-up an OLD POST... LOL .. but, I always wanted to do-up a .510 Whisper 'boltaction ' . back in the day, QuarterBoreCom forum was the shit for that design of thought . But Sadly they and that Site been in Defunct Mode for quit some time now . .
  15. softcock

    Unable to Post Images From Mobile

    - AAHHHhh . . I kind of catching on to what your saying ... I used another 'different' Browser just now, and .. I DON'T SEE Any Pics. that I put in post#11 . I posted them two different ways also but there blank . I went to other posted Pic's that i transfered in Threads on SHcom, using a...
  16. softcock

    Unable to Post Images From Mobile

    but, which one 'of the 2' ( can everyone ) else see ? top or bottom pic. .. ? That pretty much reason why ( I posted the 2 Pic's ) . ( 2 different ways ) . If I Only one seeing all Pic's posted by myself . I can not tell good or bad . ....thanks
  17. softcock

    Unable to Post Images From Mobile

    I am posting 2 Pic's . .. ( tell me ) . which one is everyone seeing ???? I am posting ( 1 ) Same way I usually do , and then 2nd ) one different way, , 'both' using ( imgur hosting ) . For some reason . ??? ll pics I put on threads ( I Can See Them ) . . But Others have PM'ed me saying ...
  18. softcock


    Back in the ' days of old ' when you used to get and use an actual Phone Book . The Phone Book was a prime example If you wanted to see where all your money was actually going . A good size chunk of the 'white pages' in Book was a listing, showing #'s to all State and Federal bureaucratic agencies .
  19. softcock


    I do not like professional Politicians and I do not respect them . Professional Politicians are the lowest, three social classes lower that a POS baby raping car salesman . Professional Beggars and Liars, begging money for there party and themselves so they can work spending your tax Dollar...
  20. softcock

    Unable to Post Images From Mobile

    I had some Posted Pictures disappear from the threads ? . They were all imgur hosted . I looked and all the pics. are still on imgur . I just posted a pic. in a thread and it so far it stable and stays there . but a bunch of others just disappeared off SHcom into the binary Lost World of 0's...
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