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    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    No load, Piper Cub, enough truck speed he could just lift back off. I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it for my own eyes.
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    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    There was a local crop duster here that thought it was funny to land on the back of empty semi trailers going down the road. Crazy old facker.
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    Boycott Academy Sports!

    Good ole corporate double edged sword, yeah he violated corporate policy.... He did what was morally right by stopping someone that was intending to harm others. Academy corporate did what they had in writing as they didn't want to show that they break policy, especially if that shit bag turned...
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    Overcoming Rifle Heat at Matches

    I just run a carbon mirage shield on mine in the simmer time.
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    Vudoo Gun Works V-22 Rimfire Bolt Action

    Is the bolt travel sufficient for it? I'll be a tester!!! I want a 17 for small varmints, quick barrel change with the Barloc.....
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    Vudoo Gun Works V-22 Rimfire Bolt Action

    Ravage88 Any thoughts on spinning a 17HMR barrel on one of the actions? I have not measured it to see if there is enough. ARC Barloc and a 17HMR barrel would be awesome on little varmints!
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    WTB: Bushnell Elite ConX

    I have one, Ill get some pictures tonight. I think I am going rangefinding bino's
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    HSGI TACO Sale!

    Message sent
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    Hexagonal Boron Nitride bullet coating

    The only challenge with a N95 is the HBN is smaller than the mask can handle. Good practices with it, I open and separate in the side of my shop that has dust control.
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    7mm SAUM Brass

    Like said above the 16x class bullets are no issue in the short action. The 180's are the problem in the SA. I'm gathering parts for the Sherman short so I can run Berger 180 hybrids or VLD hunters, or the Warner solids.
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    Hexagonal Boron Nitride bullet coating

    I'm going to tumble some bullets this next week, I have heat! I'll just run the tumbler in the non air conditioned section of the shop in the afternoon. I'll make it a point to clean out the hollow points which I haven't in the past. I did clean my barrel a couple weeks ago after 500 rounds...
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    Socially UNacceptable Humor

    Hell I thought he did it with an airless sprayer and a jackhammer!
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    Need a Glock 34 lightbearing holster reccomendation....

    Thanks for the reply, I have had pistols for nearly 20 years, but it really hasn't been till the last 5 years that I have really been wanting to further my skills with it. You have a good point about searching with the weapon light. One of the classes I was looking at going to required a weapon...
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    Line conditioner for digital scale

    Tripp lite power conditioners get the job done. I use a few of them. What scale are you using?
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    Line conditioner for digital scale

    The small Tripp lites do the trick. I run power line conditioners on the gear that could be fed from my generator that is not on the UPS. What scale are you running?
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    Hexagonal Boron Nitride bullet coating

    Softcock, That is what I was originally thinking, I was thinking my ammo carrying may have been causing some of my inconsistencies. I'm going to give it a try again.
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    Polaris RZR 900 S

    Yes get the power steering! It's the slow tight manuvering where your going to notice it a bunch. I don't miss our non power steering one.
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    Hexagonal Boron Nitride bullet coating

    I was doing it, it seemed like I was getting inconsistencies, and I usually carry my ammo in a TAB ammo carrier which wore coating off the bullets. I may try it again, the extra work, care, and inconsistency killed it for me
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    Over coming heat at matchs or atleast dealing with it

    Hydration.... Water, but don't forget the electrolytes! ( One of the avid golfers at work had a heart attack on the golf course from being over watered and diluted his electrolytes to dangerous levels) Like said above I'm not a fan of the amount of sugar in Gatorade, I get the Avocare rehydrate...
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    Leftist Presidente, Leave or Stay

    He was the one the cartels put in place..... And some of the only ones that survived.....
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