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  1. Xander3Zero

    How tight to keep bipod swivel?

    With my Atlas PSR I leave the cant/pan adjustment loose and it allows exactly what Rob says above. Loose enough to still make adjustments yet stiff enough to not move on it's own or doing bolt manipulation.
  2. Xander3Zero

    WTS - Alamo Precision Rifles 223, Stiller Tac-30, McMillan A5, Bartlein

    Bump for Friday night! Hope everyone has a good night.
  3. Xander3Zero

    Alamo Precision Rifles

    They built a rifle for me, communication was very good, delivered within provided lead time, and rifle shoots factory match ammo 1/2 MOA or less (usually less) easily.
  4. Xander3Zero

    ++Bighorn TL3 Builds++

    Looks great, how are you liking the ESS? I'm guessing you just got the R700 inlet, how was the fitment?
  5. Xander3Zero

    Manners Customer Service

    I guess I'll be honest and say that I think its silly when someone posts a thread about not being able to get in touch with Manners for multiple weeks through emails and phone calls, and then when Tom replies and gets them taken care of, everyone here is like "OMG that is great customer...
  6. Xander3Zero

    Loctite or grease on Rifle Length buffer tube?

    Loctite - provides thread lubrication, corrosion protection, prevents threads from backing out or coming loose during use/vibration/recoil Anti-seize - provides thread lubrication, corrosion protection, prevents threads from seizing Neither - dry thread contact, no corrosion protection, prone...
  7. Xander3Zero

    Pre-Ordered Nucleus PVA Barreled Action 6mm Creedmoor (ordered January 28th)

    Free bump, and good luck with the sale, but lol at that expected release date!
  8. Xander3Zero

    Seized 67 guns without trial?

    As a law-abiding citizen, and someone who prides himself in being a responsible firearms owner and always strives to set a good example for other gun enthusiasts, I must say that the "red flag" laws are by far the scariest and most worrisome new "gun control" legislation. A red flag bill was...
  9. Xander3Zero

    WTS - Alamo Precision Rifles 223, Stiller Tac-30, McMillan A5, Bartlein

    This is back up for sale with a price drop to $2250 shipped and insured, from my FFL to your FFL! Please read all the details of the rifle in the original post! This rifle is clean and well taken care of, shoots like a goddamn laser beam. I am accepting payment via USPS Money Order or...
  10. Xander3Zero

    putting something together, take a chance or no? (224V bolt gun)

    Make sure you read up on the 224V and the accuracy issues that Federal is having with some of their ammo, and also some issues with various reamers being used for various barrels. In my mind, there is still some uncertainty with the 224V. It's also still pretty questionable how much it gains...
  11. Xander3Zero

    Defiance Tenacity??

    Glass bead finish looks great, post up another pic once it's in a stock/chassis
  12. Xander3Zero

    BAT switch barrel / switch chamber

    Oops totally missed the part where BAT referenced Wolf Precision on their page haha.
  13. Xander3Zero

    How Are your Stocks doing

    NFLX... 'nuff said. Up almost 300% in the last year. Wish I had more invested in it.
  14. Xander3Zero

    BAT switch barrel / switch chamber

    Saw the same exact concept at this place, clearly its the same system. Seems interesting but not sure how many people would really be interested in it. If it worked out the way it's designed it would allow you to keep burning up barrels while keeping the same chamber throughout, which could be...
  15. Xander3Zero

    Loctite or grease on Rifle Length buffer tube?

    There is almost no reason to ever assembled a threaded connection without any type of anti-seize/lube/threadlocker on the threads. Every application will benefit from something different, but there's almost no application where you specifically want dry thread-to-thread contact. In my...
  16. Xander3Zero

    Defiance Tenacity??

    Gonna get that baby cerakoted??
  17. Xander3Zero

    Copper Flakes

    I agree, I only kiss the outside of the neck to remove any possible burrs, definitely not looking to achieve a visible chamfer like that.
  18. Xander3Zero

    Shoulder Bump Help

    In my limited experience, I have never seen a piece of 1x fired brass not fit in the chamber it was fireformed to. In my opinion, you should just neck size and load the brass up for a second firing and re-evaluate. If you are not set up to neck size, or you just want to FLS every loading, then...
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