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  1. Greg Langelius *

    Hornady quality control. Who has seen this before?

    I shoot almost entirely my own hand loaded stuff, and I still get to see that problem. Like it happened yesterday, actually. Schtuff happens with a progressive press that auto primes from a magazine stack, but it gets caught before it goes into the collection tray on the press. My QC-foo is...
  2. Greg Langelius *

    "The Swamp" We are above the Law.

    They are immune because they say it's so; and they have the ability to append this stuff to must-pass legislation, like the Omnibus Spending Bill... It might be useful to keep better track of the sponsors of such amendments for later review, or something... Greg
  3. Greg Langelius *

    To clean fired cases, or nah?

    I have to eat some of my words, especially the part about ignoring the insides of the necks. I put together some fifty 143gr ELD-X 260 loads Thursday and fired some (ten) Friday. I didn't like the results at 25yd, so I started breaking the remaining ones down Saturday with the RCBS collet...
  4. Greg Langelius *

    Strzock on the hot seat.....

    I think that Trump is playing the same card my Dad taught me to; "They can only hurt you if you let them". All the Dems have is mouth. Come November, I think the rest of the folks who may have been hanging back in the last election are going to tighten down the last screws on the Democratic...
  5. Greg Langelius *

    To clean fired cases, or nah?

    I tumble with walnut, size with water soluble lube (RCBS), and remove the lube with a pink shop cloth and 91% rubbing alcohol. The necks get no extra care, but the alcohol removes any residual carbon from the necks' outside. My ammo assembly is very basic and simple, F/L RCBS (mostly) dies with...
  6. Greg Langelius *

    One cool Enfield .

    What I might suggest is putting a bit of Pic rail under the mount, and then....
  7. Greg Langelius *

    Cable News = No News

    I don't know. I still watch Fox, and my BP still soars when they trot out their resident Libtools, contrasted by, honestly, pretty believable moderate Conservatives. Maybe the doubters are missing something since they bailed some year or years back. IMHO, anyone with a functional BS filter can...
  8. Greg Langelius *

    Fierce Fury?

    Oof! But best fortune to ya.
  9. Greg Langelius *

    .308 Barrel Length Question

    I don't monitor passing ships much, so I recently reestablished the 308 within my collection after going on two decades of using the .260 as my preferred LR rifle. The reason being that at the time I reentered the 308 market I was getting up some steam to add F T/R to the F Open I'd been...
  10. Greg Langelius *

    FT/R and 80SMK

    Yeah, maybe that wording is kinda overkill... LOL! I am continually surprised amazed at what that small case can do in an AR when driven with Varget. It's my only powder for the 223/5.56. I have arbitrarily chosen to limit bullet size in the .224 bore; choosing instead to employ the 260 for...
  11. Greg Langelius *

    FT/R and 80SMK

    The 80 may be overkill at 600yd. I live, develop my loads, and practice at 4200ft ASL (Douglas AZ), but did my 600yd F T/R comp at about 1500 (Ben Avery Range, Phoenix-ish AZ). I was running the HDY 75gr HPBT-Match in a 24" 1:9" 5.56 barrel at 2790fps loaded with 24.4gr of Varget. It managed to...
  12. Greg Langelius *

    Is it time to make a Major and Minor power catagory in Precision Rifle Comps?

    Not my sport, not my business. I will say simply that successful match formats reflect good rules. If one insists on rules changes, then one owns the consequences of those changes. If one doesn't like an event, they are completely free to organize and operate one that better suits their...
  13. Greg Langelius *

    Steven Seagal

    (Sighs and leaves the topic)...
  14. Greg Langelius *

    First day back shooting!

    Good on ya! Am a two time AO Lymphoma survivor. VA saved my life going on three times; would have been four, but I wasn't in the VA system at the time. There are some who vilify the VA; I am not one of them. Knee mails in progress... Greg
  15. Greg Langelius *

    Overcoming Rifle Heat at Matches

    Barrel heat is a fact of shooting life. We look at the issue from the wrong end. A heated barrel is a working barrel. We get dispersion from a hot barrel mainly because we misunderstand this. Our loads get developed to work under conditions that spare the barrel from heat. What we should be...
  16. Greg Langelius *

    Over coming heat at matchs or atleast dealing with it

    When I get significantly dehydrated I often get Ocular Migraines. No pain, no real harm, I can't read very well with it, shooting gets too complex, and I would change drivers if I was in the driver's seat. Greg
  17. Greg Langelius *

    Any decent cheap 1" tube scopes?

    Tasco 2.5-10x42 Varmint/Varget MilDot quite cheap ($68), I have mine on my 7.62x39 Savage 10FCM Scout. It works fine and has for years, it previously rode a 30-06. Greg
  18. Greg Langelius *

    Speed increased, powder charge is the same.

    All true. But the size of the statistical sample is always significant.
  19. Greg Langelius *

    Justice Kavanaugh... Has a nice ring to it!

    First of all, I wouldn't mind their heads exploding; I just don't want there to be a bullet involved. I want them doing back-flips, more of them will land on their heads that way; self inflicted wounds, etc. They hate anyone who isn't a HRC appointee. No news there... Democrats bellyachin'...
  20. Greg Langelius *

    Over coming heat at matchs or atleast dealing with it

    It's a medley of factors; electrolytes, hydration, blood sugar, and probably a few more things too. No one thing is 'the' answer. It all starts with the body's basic fitness. No fitness, no easy solution. My carcass is a lost cause; I know it, and keep my goals within my capabilities. Getting...
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