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    Newbie needs AI purchasing advice

    I could be wrong but I think to order an AXMC newit must be ordered either 300 or 338 size then SA parts added.
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    Do you Compete or just like to shoot?

    I compete for fun. I have entered 3 national matchs but I never have intentions of winning those. They sure are fun to shoot though!
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    Newbie needs AI purchasing advice

    I don't have any sage advice that hasn't been said already except welcome to the cult er club!
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    Savage 116 in 338WM

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    Sig SHR 970 in 300WM

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    Area 419 sidewinder

    Is this the whole brake assy? If so what thread?
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    90 deg throw or 60 deg throw?

    I’m a huge fan of 60* throw. My AI’s have it and one of my hunting rifles. In theory it’s faster then a 90* but I don’t want to argue that point as I’m sure there are guys out there who can run a 90* bolt faster then I can run 60*. To me it flows better and makes it harder to smash your hand on...
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    Yea I am running an iPhone 8 version 11.4.1
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    338LM brass quality

    Maybe I’m best off to buy Lapua ammo and save the brass then.
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    Thanks for the heads up. Mine crashes. I’ll wait for the fix.
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    338LM brass quality

    Is this common?
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    338LM brass quality

    What are your thoughts on buying Prime then reusing the Norma brass?
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    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    I dunno if you can tease us about a problem. Didn’t you have an MPA you didn’t use?
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    338LM brass quality

    I’ll keep an eye out for Peterson then. Any others?
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    338LM brass quality

    Who makes good 338LM brass? I’m sure most will say Lapua is best but how does it go after that? Is Prime(Norma) ok? Nosler?
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