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    Tips/Advice Wanted - Modifying my 1980’s 700 in 22-250

    So this rifle was purchased new by my grandfather back in the 80s, it had the beautiful factory wood stock, but was punishing to shoot throughout the day on prairie dog hunts. I upgraded the stock to a Bell and Carlson. I currently have a Vortex Viper HST however this scope is not cutting it...
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    New member from Southwest Missouri

    We love visiting KC, we’ll be going to a few chiefs games this fall.
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    New member from Southwest Missouri

    Awesome, sending a request now. Thanks!
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    Silencerco Free Sale

    I received one of these ads from SilencerShop. I assumed it was a SShop-only deal, but it sounds like you can use any dealer?
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    New member from Southwest Missouri

    I've heard of the "hide" for a long time but never bothered to look it up until now... looks like I've been missing out! Long time gunbroker user (same username), love buying/trading/selling and talking guns! New to "long range" shooting due to a recent interest in prairie dog hunting in...
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