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  1. bohem

    PVA Status Updates: Hancock Rifle & NUCLEUS Barreled Action

    You are wrong here. The JHR is a private labeled action, it cannot be used for a Nucleus barreled action per ATF requirement and per my agreement with Ted. Your deposit for a BA doesn't get you in line for a JHR receiver, they're different products and not interchangeable. You have no idea...
  2. bohem

    Hardness test

    I have a Hardness tester and a whole range of indenters and standards. If you really want a number I can provide it but without knowing what the steel is... I wouldn't shoot so much as a 9mm in it. To build on what @Ledzep said: If you sent the receiver to a lab and had it tested for...
  3. bohem

    ORIGIN Orders

    PM me your Order # but I just cut some 260's; the barrel is likely in the work process to get the muzzle cut.
  4. bohem

    ORIGIN Orders

    Depends what you order specifically. We cut barrels in batches between the 2 CNC's. We are running 6.5 Creeds and 6.5x47's right now. End of this week we'll be back to 6 Creeds, then we have a number of 223's to get out. I don't have any blanks available in 7mm right now so if you want...
  5. bohem

    Nucleus Orders

    Our barrel nut uses a 1-1/4" standard wrench. A big adjustable works, that's what I use in the shop. As far as torque goes, keep it in the 40ftlb range. It doesn't need to go anywhere near as tight as a shouldered barrel.
  6. bohem

    Prime 6 Creedmoor using Sierra 107's

    I missed the announcement, it might be in my email SPAM folder. We shipped the first barrel with a PRIME designated chamber out the door to John Fillman about 2 weeks ago. I have not heard back from him on it with actual 6Creed Prime yet. When we did internal testing with it the performance...
  7. bohem

    Warner Tool Flat Line Projectile 122gr 6.5 Variant

    The 122 doesn't like the jump that comes from factory throated 6.5's that have rounds down them. When I did prototype testing it was a SAAMI chamber but it was brand new, 20rds of box ammo and then right to the flatlines. I didn't have any problems but then again it was a really good match...
  8. bohem

    ORIGIN Orders

    We have Origin barrels available through our website in a multitude of offerings in caliber and contours. We did all of the proof testing barrels for Bighorn before the Origin was announced and have been delivering shouldered prefits to customers for several months on the Origins to have guys...
  9. bohem

    RPR Gunsmith

    We've done our fair share of RPR barrels in everything from 22 BR through 3006 and 6.5x55. I've trued the actions and tested them against untrued with multiple shooters, the action consistency isnt' the weak link the platform. We make RPR prefits almost every day, the best thing to do is to...
  10. bohem

    barloc for the Origin action

    I'm not quite sure what you're asking here so forgive me if I'm restating what you already know. You have to use the Origin recoil lug whether you use the Barloc or not. If you have a barrel that's setup for a Bighorn TL3 and you want to use it on an Origin I/we can make it fit. We can also...
  11. bohem

    7mm Practical

    Is this the one that they call the "7mm Long Mag" on Long Range Hunting? 7/300 WM is a pretty solid round, lots more brass options than the Nosler stuff, less overbore and easier behaved, still looooots of punch.
  12. bohem

    PVA Status Updates: Hancock Rifle & NUCLEUS Barreled Action

    Standard product offering, all the threaded barrels come with thread protectors on them. Less chance of damage in shipping and we make them in house.
  13. bohem

    PVA Status Updates: Hancock Rifle & NUCLEUS Barreled Action

    If you get a taker on this (which I suspect is likely) then no sweat. If you need to slide to the back of the list to help accomodate your build otherwise we can do that too.
  14. bohem

    Ruger 77/357 Bolt Action

    That is very cool... looks like they make it in a 44mag as well. A 45acp suppressor ought to work marvelously with either of them, assuming the ammo is loaded properly.
  15. bohem

    PVA Tripod - 1st impressions

    No, it's not 100% made in USA. We specified the layout and we're having it made for us. I looked at sourcing the AL parts in the US and we could barely buy raw material for what a completed part was going to cost from overseas. We spec'd the configuration using nearly everything from...
  16. bohem

    TL3 in 223 wil not CRF from the mag

    We've done a number of them and the MDT mags seem to be the ticket. I still have some of the AI mags that I use and those worked well for me. The question of presenation to bolt face is also something to consider. You need enough presentation to strip the round but not so much that it runs...
  17. bohem

    New 'production' rifle from PVA - J. Hancock

    You are correct. It's also fixed in the prototype. I changed the spring out this week when I got home.
  18. bohem

    PVA Tripod - 1st impressions

    You're correct, it's 191% stiffness of a 34mm leg or nearly twice the stiffness
  19. bohem

    PVA Tripod - 1st impressions

    @Troy G I don't know what the load capability is on the Feisols exactly but based on their sizes the load isn't the only factor. Stiffness and stability is a big factor in shooting from them. The 40mm leg compared to a 34 or 33mm leg tripod are huge when it comes to increasing the flexural and...
  20. bohem

    PVA Tripod - 1st impressions

    Thank you for the quick, straightforward feedback @kurtispalu. I appreciate you taking the time to test it out and give everyone some feedback on it. We have about 12 left on the initial order of discounted units for the launch.
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