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  1. hermosabeach

    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    How to tell you are in Walmart
  2. hermosabeach

    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    I want to go to the gym
  3. hermosabeach

    Oooooh California!!!!

    fuck Facebook- at least U Tube does not steal my phones contacts
  4. hermosabeach

    CamelBaks on W00t ...

    Wow - Someone wrote up all the features to get US Mil to buy them for $300/ copy Hydration is great, but so is ballistic armor. Now you can have both with the ArmorBak™ MilSpec Antidote Hydration. Lightweight and simple to use, this pack is specifically to attach to the back of the IOTV, MTV or...
  5. hermosabeach

    I Think I Found My Next Ringtone!

    i like the message... not sure about it as a ring tone
  6. hermosabeach

    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    Rubber gloves so his prints will not be on the brass left around a mass murder scene....
  7. hermosabeach

    Firearms storage for small apt?

    With a 2 K budget, you have lots of choices.... I simply say buy a used safe from Craigs List, install it in your bedroom and cover with a sheet..... EASY Not go find an UL Rated SAFE, not an RSC.... You can typically find a TL15 or TL-30 rated safe... for under 2K They are older, but who...
  8. hermosabeach

    Political Character Assassination Set-up in Chicago CVS?

    I am not sure this is a Race Thing... He was asked to describe her to the police... the Police do ask for Color of everything... including skin CVS spokesperson Mike DeAngelis said in a statement. “CVS Pharmacy does not tolerate any practices that discriminate against any customer and we are...
  9. hermosabeach

    A Couple of Uplifting Immigration Success Stories, Hot Off the Presses

    I knew a person working with the DEA... They would be in town every once in a while...... and they told me of their adventures that largely started at the San Diego Border crossing and normally went across California... in 2015, they saw the movie Sicario and said it was relatively...
  10. hermosabeach

    460 Rowland vs 10mm Woods Defense

    If you have never fired a 308 with a break, one shot can permanently destroy your hearing.... I have tinnitus.... and have had it for years... I agree that self defense shootings, its required to fight... deal with hearing later... when planning on a SD gun, mine are never ported.... or comped
  11. hermosabeach

    Brass lap or perhaps a 90 degree cutter and brass pilot to repair crown....any good?

    A Manson cutter is great to cut the crown....... If you have a small ding.... I agree with the folks above... smallest to bigger.... So Shoot it? is it consistent? If not, Polish out the existing crown....
  12. hermosabeach

    AR's that Kick- 450 Bush Master, 458 SoCom and 50 Beowulf

    I think i have settled on the 458 socom... I have now been outbid on 3 uppers.... It looks like it will be about $1K for the upper, some brass and new dies... It looks like there are a few home builders selling on gun broker.... I am not sure I want to risk less money and buy a parts upper...
  13. hermosabeach

    460 Rowland vs 10mm Woods Defense

    You cannot shoot the 460 Rowland without a muzzle break..... For Hunting or meth head defense, I am not going to put in earplugs.... so the Rowland is out as is any ported firearm.... It's a great round buy I would prefer hard cast underwood or buffalo bore ammo in either 357 or 44 to be on...
  14. hermosabeach

    Blue Label Glocks - Discounted Glocks for Veterans

    bump as it is not yet labor day
  15. hermosabeach

    Google is a real shit

    when you google the phone #, what comes up?
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