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  1. shoot4fun

    Harris Bipods BRM-S and Larue LT706 QD and Swivel Combo

    Got mine yesterday. Exactly and described and shipped promptly. Thanks!
  2. shoot4fun

    AI AICS 223 Mags****SOLD****

    I have no idea about that and no way to check.
  3. shoot4fun

    AI AICS 223 Mags****SOLD****

    I have three original AI brand poly 223 mags. These hold ten rounds of 223 each. They are NIB and still in the wrapper. Want to sell all three as a package deal. Priced at $125 shipped. I will accept USPS MO but prefer PayPal Friends & Family. *****SOLD******
  4. shoot4fun

    WTS McRee G7 Folder Rem700SA******SOLD******

    Someone here is a "McRee Man" looking for a nice chassis.
  5. shoot4fun

    WTS McRee G7 Folder Rem700SA******SOLD******

    Up again. Reasonable offers entertained.
  6. shoot4fun

    WTS McRee G7 Folder Rem700SA******SOLD******

    McRee G7 Chassis inlet for Rem 700 SA. Has the folding option but is pre-MLEV so no level in the chassis. It does have the folding option and will include a McRee stock pack. I also have two of the short pic rails that can be installed almost anywhere you need them. Original AR grip replaced...
  7. shoot4fun

    JAllen and KMW

    Bettin' that is a typo on the KMW (not just the Surgeon model number either).
  8. shoot4fun

    Prairie dog thread.

    Just got back from WY. It was a guided hunt for six shooters. We hunted two shooters to a guide on private ranch land near Evansville and Glenrock. They had a hard time with the first morning for the group I was in; just not much to shoot at in what had been a great town. May have been hit by a...
  9. shoot4fun

    H4350 vs RL16- Some Charts on Temp Stability

    Maybe even more importantly than the relatively small difference in temp sensitivity between H4350 and RL16 is that I find (one the 6.5 & ^ Creedmoor tests I did) that RL16 showed a much wider accuracy node when fired on a 300 yard ladder test. It was especially true with the 6 Creedmoor.
  10. shoot4fun

    Prairie dog thread.

    Headed to Casper in about nine days for a few days of PD shooting. We'll be rolling right thru Cheyenne. Hoping for a smooth drive and beautiful weather. Oh, and LOTS of prairie dogs!
  11. shoot4fun

    Took the NFL long enough....

    USA Today says it was not done for patriotism but to protect the brand. I say it's way too late to protect the brand. The brand was tarnished and taken to the brink by the actions of the players both on field and off. Illegal drugs, murder, assault, you name it all done by those who many young...
  12. shoot4fun

    Lies we tell our kids.....

    You should tell him the truth. Chuck dropped the membership requirements a couple of years ago and you just didn't find out until today. ;) Then offer to take him there. I bet he will find out he had a memorable experience at five because of fun with friends and not because Chuck is a "really...
  13. shoot4fun

    New member from WY

    Welcome to SH! I'll be in your neck of the woods in about 2 weeks or so. The folks in Casper need to hide their women and lock up their liquor! LOL
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