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  1. Niles Coyote

    Building a 6.5x47 Rifle a Few Questions

    Faster twist just leaves you more options should you wish to try 150 smk or the rumored future berger...
  2. Niles Coyote

    Anyone shooting the 147 ELD-M

    I have been running the 147's for matches this season, 41.6 H4350 loaded .030 off the lands in Hornady brass = 2740 from my 25" Bartlein barrel with 1100 rounds through it. I had used a stouter load for my first match but as luck would have it, it rained all match long and I lost about 35 pieces...
  3. Niles Coyote

    Question about Lapua 6.5 CM small rifle primer brass

    If you are using Hornady brass currently, you can just start with the same powder charge and +/- a tenth on ether side. While the case volume is different, it isnt much.
  4. Niles Coyote

    45 Coyotes Down with the IR Hunter MKIII

    dibbs on a half bread pup! I always enjoy your video's shinney_7, keep them rolling.
  5. Niles Coyote

    ...Interesting Post on 224V Accuracy Issues

    A long freebore would not create a safety concern and may actually be desirable in some cases. For a small company like Airborne Arms to say it is intellectual property is not uncommon. If they produce a product that is working well, other companies would very much be interested in learning...
  6. Niles Coyote

    77 SMKs vs 77 Nosler CC

    I have used both. Nosler seems to be hit or miss. I've had good results with the 69cc & 80cc's but the 77cc, while under MOA, were never what I'd call great. I lucked into a powdervalley special a while back and bought 2.5k of 77smk's when blackhills had sold off their stash and they group...
  7. Niles Coyote

    Nikon Black 4K LRF

    Good find, I am interested to see how this and the 2700 would compare as well.
  8. Niles Coyote

    AR's that Kick- 450 Bush Master, 458 SoCom and 50 Beowulf

    Likewise, when michigan allowed us shotgun zone hunters to use straight walled cartridges for deer hunting I built both a bolt and AR bushmaster. My AR wears a 16" brownells barrel and is plenty accurate to take deer down inside 300 yards provided the wind isn't blowing. 200 if it is. Ive...
  9. Niles Coyote

    .224 Valkyrie

    88 eld & 95smk with varget and Starline brass at 100. @redneckbmxer24 there does appear to be a good shooting load right around 22.9, I'm not sure if my flier was me... it felt good at the time of release, I'll give that area a look at some distance. This was using new starline brass so maybe...
  10. Niles Coyote


    Isolation gets lonely after a while.
  11. Niles Coyote


    Looks like a good watch to me... If I limited myself to like minded actors there would be zero things to watch.
  12. Niles Coyote

    so... is the 224 Valkyrie worth it?

    Comparing my 18" JP grendel barrel with my favorite LR load, 123 Lapua scenar at 2450fps VS 18" Rock Creek Valkyrie with a good 90 smk node located at 2680fps The Valkyrie shoots a little over 2 mils flatter at 1k while needing .3 mil less correction using the same environmental data. I'm...
  13. Niles Coyote

    Government unions are probably going out of business.

    They are OK with higher insurance premiums with doubled response times until it's their house or livelihood being consumed. In my profession, non union would mean minimum wage, part-time employees with high turn over, little training and no quality assurance... 911 dispatch/LEO. I can only...
  14. Niles Coyote

    .224 Valkyrie

    @JM4590 make that .251-.252 favoring .252" My phone won't let me edit my previous post.
  15. Niles Coyote

    UPS won’t ship rifle stock

    Remember these three words next time, precision molded fiberglass... that is what you are shipping.
  16. Niles Coyote

    .224 Valkyrie

    @redneckbmxer24 while it will fit in the hole of my 223 redding die (I don't have a valkyrie die from redding) it is longer. Pictured with the part number.
  17. Niles Coyote

    Where are the "Americans"?

    LOL, at the time I kept a running total of "squats" from each step up the latter while carrying bundles up.
  18. Niles Coyote

    Where are the "Americans"?

    Veer, you could always do it yourself... A little back story, Insurance company gets wind I have a 18 year old driver in the house and doubles my auto premium. We have both house and auto through the same. I, mad as hell, run down to my broker and demand a new, cheaper policy. They find out...
  19. Niles Coyote

    .224 Valkyrie

    New 88gr eld arived, the bullet length over ten shows 1.240-1.242" I also bought the new Hornady seater with the A-Max/ELD stem, purchased separately, and it is giving consistent seating depth with no, let me repeat that... zero stem imprint on the bullet. pictured with the 90smk for comparison.
  20. Niles Coyote

    6.5 Creedmoor bullet for short throat?

    140 berger hybrid is often used with Creedmoors that are .040" shorter than saami. The 130 AR hybrid, while I'm sure it will work for you will run into the lands sooner as the ogive sits farther forward.
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