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  1. MarinePMI

    Does Vortex PST Gen 2 ffp 5 ×25 have issues breaking ?

    Interesting. Would this improvement in glass/parallax over the early generation XTR II's, allow an early scope to be sent back in for replacement?
  2. MarinePMI

    Does Vortex PST Gen 2 ffp 5 ×25 have issues breaking ?

    LOL! Maybe you should pick up another hobby, becauase this one seems to not like you wrt to scopes. I've beat the crap out of my Razors and XTR (a loaner that others have beaten on) and none of them have ever had issues. Same for the 5 or 6 SWFA scopes I have. Sounds like you might have the...
  3. MarinePMI

    Does Vortex PST Gen 2 ffp 5 ×25 have issues breaking ?

    Interesting experience wrt the XTR II; I wonder what changed? (I have an early one that the glass department.)
  4. MarinePMI

    New barrel and/or action for savage

    Pac-Nor also makes Savage pre-fits...
  5. MarinePMI

    2018 Sniper's Hide Team Challenge Colville WA

    Pretty sure Frank went from the match to Alaska, doing some work...
  6. MarinePMI

    Tikka T3 Thread

    1. Carb cleaner will remove it, as will just about any aggressive solvent. Wouldn't hurt leaving it there. 2. Personally, I'd use the flats vice the "V". This also negates having to remove the pic rail to get the barrel off. Not sure what "spot" you talking about. There is a recoil lug...
  7. MarinePMI

    US Army takes some cues from the Marines....

    Totally agree. My post was more "tongue in cheek" than anything. I figured that since yesterday was the Army's birthday and all (and no one even mentioned it), I'd give AJ a reason to extol the virtues of the Army by yanking his chain (all in fun of course). :)
  8. MarinePMI

    US Army takes some cues from the Marines....

    LOL! Right on cue... :P
  9. MarinePMI

    Fire formed brass with different shoulders?

    Could be temp related, could also be related to how much spring back there is in the brass (how well the cases are annealed). If some cases are harder than others, they'll spring back more to the original dimension. There could certainly be other reasons, but this may be one IME...
  10. MarinePMI

    US Army takes some cues from the Marines....

    Well, it's about fucking time. I can't tell you how many sloppy, undisciplined, shitbird soldiers I've come across (cue AJ and his crusty rebuttals)... :) The Army Plans On Overhauling Basic Training To Focus On More ‘Disciplined...
  11. MarinePMI

    The Cancer of California Spears to the entire US

    First off, the southern section would likely be Republican, though the city of San Diego is slowly changing with all the influx of tech companies fleeing the bay area and LA. The Northern section is a toss up, and we all know the coastal one will go blue. That being said, it'll be interesting...
  12. MarinePMI

    Missile launch from Whidbey island NAS.

    Misdirection and confusion hide a lot of things...just saying...
  13. MarinePMI

    But At Least She Was Eating Fresh, Right?

    Huh. Seems just like a lot of drivers around here lately. Smh...I've got to get out of this state.
  14. MarinePMI

    SWFA 5-20 vs. Burris XTRII 5-25 or 4-20

    Please, do let us know when it will be available. Will this be a dead tree book, or a softcopy (e-book, PDF, etc.)?
  15. MarinePMI

    Kestrel Rant

    Sort of agree. But there isn't much else out there like it, and unless you can code an arduino and have some time on your hands, they're pretty much it for now. (Yeah, we have a guy at our range that made his own Kestrel.)
  16. MarinePMI

    Kestrel Rant

    As much as I bitch about the crappy interface s/w and Win 10 for the 4500, LawnMM hits the nail on the head. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish. Use the correct batteries. I'm near the point of upgrading to the 5700, and hoping it is a refinement of the early 4500 model (which works fine...
  17. MarinePMI

    Howa vs Tikka Action

    I'd think the forth coming T1X rimfire will also be a hit for training rifles. Uses the same action foot print as the T3X (smart).
  18. MarinePMI

    Stainless pins and 6.5mm Necks

    5lbs I believe is what the older Thumler B uses. I haven't used the diagonal stuff yet, since I have the earlier media which had better size control, and ended up just tossing the pins that got stuck, leaving only the shorter ones in the 5lbs of media I have. I do need a recharge though, so...
  19. MarinePMI

    SWFA 5-20 vs. Burris XTRII 5-25 or 4-20

    Kind of curious to hear what @koshkin thinks on some of these posts...
  20. MarinePMI

    Tikka T3 Thread

    +1 for Sterk's stuff. I think their shrouds are Ti though. IMHO, he makes the best Tikka bolt handle, and his wait times are honest and upfront. In fact, I'm surprised Tikka themselves haven't reached out to him for bolt handles on their tactical rifles.
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