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    Surefire 7.62 RC?

    I recently received my Surefire SOCOM II 7.62 RC2 can. I haven't spent much time w/ it so I'll do the best I can for you. As a disclaimer, I'm also no suppressor expert either. I realized in my research for a suitable suppressor that no can does everything the "best." I realize it's not as...

    Muzzle Breaks what are you using and what is you barrel contour?

    I’m shooting a 24” M40 contour w/ a Surefire SFMB & a Surefire 7.62 RC2 can. I really dig the muzzle brake as it does it’s job well. I haven’t had the can too long so I can’t give y’all an accurate range report just yet. It’s worth noting that I’ve been pleased w/ it’s performance in the...

    Woods Defense Gun

    Glock 20 SF (Gen 4 w/ double recoil spring) w/ an aftermarket trigger, or a big ass revolver like a S&W 500 or a 454 Casull. Magnum Research also offers the 45-70 in the BFR. If this is going to be an emergency use type of deal I wouldn’t bother w/ a RDS. As someone else mentioned, you...

    College Baseball anyone?

    I missed it... a la Billy Buckner? FWIW, I never held that error against the guy. He was a hell of a ball player who had a hell of a season & the only perfect guy I know of was a carpenter.

    Good Guy List

    rth1800 is good to go. Comms were great & he worked w/ me on a PayPal booboo I made w/ zero issues. Package arrived just as he said it would. No problems doing business w/ rth1800 in the future.

    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    That’s my son’s favorite hockey player. I told him that I too now have a favorite hockey player.

    A tale of two negligent discharges......

    I wonder if the defense will claim negligence on the part of the holster manufacturer. The gun fell out of the holster so maybe the retention mechanism failed? In all honesty, I doubt there was anything more than friction holding the gun in place. Ultimately, this comes down to several fail...


    Funds sent.


    Per our discussion, I’ll take the SD-3G.

    College Baseball anyone?

    Yeah, I remember being home from school (sick day) in the 80s & watching Roger Clemens pitch in the CWS w/ the ‘Horns. I was just a kid & I’ve been hooked on college baseball ever since. I don’t really watch too many MLB games anymore. There’s too much whining, BS, etc. I also dropped my...

    Favorite AR trigger

    I’m interested in the Geissele SD-3G. This isn’t going to used in a work gun. It’ll be used as a range gun / three gun type of deal. Someone said something about a “unique” feel to the trigger. Tell me more.

    America's Big Tiger Problem

    I used to live in Brewster County & we could’ve used some mongoose to deal w/ the rattlesnakes. We had rattlesnakes everywhere. I know this sounds crazy, but I talked to some guys clearing ranch land one time & they were saying in a 40+ acre plot of land they’d counted about 160 diamondbacks &...

    Form 4 wait time

    My paperwork reached the ATF 08/07/2017. I had to amend my Form 4 due to an error on my part. So, I corrected my error & then the ATF said that they didn’t have an RPQ on file. My SOT dealer & I sent the RPQ back two more times. I called the ATF & the approving official said that he never...

    College Baseball anyone?

    Baseball is a great game. No doubt. There can be so many moments of nothingness to instant exhilaration or despair. The highs, the lows, the feelings of helplessness, sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation of the last pitch, last at-bat, last play, last out or last run. There’s no...

    M Pro 7

    Cool deal. I’ve been using FireClean on everything for the last 5 years. It’s worked really well but always looking for others ways to skin the same cat. Any more opinions are welcome so keep them coming.

    M Pro 7

    A buddy recommended using M Pro 7 to clean / lube guns & cans. I’ve never used this product. What do y’all think?

    USMC Uniform Item

    It certainly does appear to be a pistol lanyard c 1950s. My thoughts initially were that it might be a French Fourragere. After seeing a pic I knew it had to be something else because it wasn't red / green. So, I thought the next best place to look for the answer to my question would be the...

    USMC Uniform Item

    Ha ha, hater's got to hate!

    G22 Kydex Holster, light-bearing

    Gents, after much thought I'm going to order the Blackpoint "LeatherWing" holster. The hardest part will be picking the colors. This particular holster looks to be very comfortable. This was a much harder decision than I thought it was going to be, so I really appreciate your suggestions.

    USMC Uniform Item

    One of my cousin’s called tonight to inform me that his wife’s grandfather had passed away. He was a Marine in the 50s & served in Korea. He sends me this pic & asks if I have any idea what this braided cord signifies. My cousin says it was w/ his Blues. I’ve looked online can’t find much on...
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